phone policy (summit atlas)

phone policy (summit atlas)

February 6, 2020
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principle of summit atlas
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ava Mesa

We want to change the phone policy because student deserve more student freedom. We feel it will give us more access to education and give us more of a social opportunity outside of school. We want to let people have a chance to express themselves. Also, not everybody is friends with everyone. That can make school very difficult, it also makes people act out more, feeling restricted will make anyone stressed. 

Having this phone policy will give students the ability to: 

-Gives people the ability to take pictures with their friends
-Millennials enjoy apps such as Snapchat and instagram and would love to share the community of our school  
-Allows students to make funny creations on their phone 
-Tik Toks, Boomerang, and Snapchat are cool video apps that students like to use 
-We can use our personal hotspot when the school WIFI is low
-There have been times when the WIFI would be low and interrupt our learning time
If there are any websites blocked we can use our phones to look things up
-Some useful websites are blocked online. If we had the option to use our phones we could quickly look on the website without having any issue.

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Signatures: 51Next Goal: 100
Support now

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