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Cell phones allowed in school

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I want to solve the ongoing issues of how cell phones are not allowed in our school. According to several studies, cell phones are like a security blanket for high schoolers. For example, have you ever heard an adult say "I feel lost without my cell phone?" This is a common saying that goes for us teenagers too. Our generation is geared towards technology and we should embrace it rather than turning it away.

The video above states several examples of how students use their cell phones in educational ways. It overall helps us as students become more responsible. It also helps prepare us for the workforce because they use cell phones during work and still manage to get the job done.

"We need to have a health waiver for kids if they are not allowing phones in schools. Cell phones are life savers for some kids with serious health problems. I believe the teacher should set out guide lines of cell phone useage as they are in charge. Cell phones to be used in the classroom is understandable in some situations.  I know when I was in highschool wish I had a cell phone when a gang of kids surrounded me to do the unthinkable, I managed to break free, I got lucky. I see cell phones as a good thing for kids to have in a world bent on harming kids and gives them at least some form of a way to reach out when in trouble." - this statement was made by a Facebook comment on my feed and I feel it helps support my above stated facts. 

I understand that it could be a distraction to some kids, but that doesn't mean the whole student body should be punished for those select few. There's so much opportunity for students with cell phones that we don't capitalize on here at our school. Let's change the way we view cell phones and gear up for the future of education. 

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