Balloon-Free Graduations on Martha's Vineyard

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Aren't those great words?

We at the Charter School love celebrations, but we don't love the trash they make. It pollutes the earth and can harm creatures. Sadly, recent beach litter surveys indicate "the amount of balloons and balloon pieces found on the beach have tripled in the past 10 years."* 

So, this spring we're inviting Island schools and families sign our pledge for balloon-free graduations. 

Will it be hard for ceremonies and parties to go balloon free? Nope-- it's festive and beautiful with these these reusable/compostable alternatives: seasonal flowers (think lilacs and peonies), fruit in glass vases, bubbles, paper banners, dried flowers, floating flowers, potted plants (nurseries rents these), holiday lights, Chinese lanterns, kites, ribbon wands, musical instruments, garlands, reusable ribbons and more!!!

Thank you and congratulations to all graduates!

--"The Treehugger" group for Artist-in-Residence, k-6 MVPCS students 

*fact courtesy of Balloons Blow . . . Don't Let them Go"