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Change the Graduation Date for ZHS

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It was early in the morning when my mother informed me that she had received the date for my sisters graduation. I was ecstatic, as I also graduate this year from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Then she further informed me that the graduation was going to be held on a Thursday. This posed a problem because I was supposed to bring my grandmother along with me on the trip. She works very hard, but unfortunately leaving in the middle of the week is not feasible. In response, I asked her if the Principal was willing to move the date to 9 June 2018, as others have expressed similar concerns, and she mentioned he was not.

I am starting this petition because every teenagers deserves to feel celebrated and celebrate their special milestone. Nearly four years ago on my graduation date, my family could not afford to fly my family from the US to Japan. If it wasn’t for the community that showed up in support, I would’ve only had my mom, dad and sister cheering me along. Many ZHS seniors are more than likely in similar predicaments. They need the community there, I needed the community there and I refuse to accept something like a date prevent that from happening. By simply changing the date to the Saturday 9 June, as it is traditionally on Saturday, it creates a better experience for everybody.

Lastly, many of you that are reading this, probably graduated high school in the states. More than likely, family and friends traveled to witness that special day. You walked across that stage and looked into the crowd to identify where the loud cheers were coming from. At that moment graduating became surreal. Every moment until then is probably faint in memory, but the second you heard those cheers and hugged your loved ones it made a lasting impression. Going to school overseas as a military brat can be a lonely experience. As a result one relies heavily on the community and the few family members that are privileged to be there. Give the community and families a chance to be there by signing this petition.

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Cierra Baldwin

ZHS ‘14

UNC Chapel Hill ‘18


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