Immediate Reduce in Homework

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Students are being overloaded with homework. We are receiving large amounts of homework each night and are spending more than 3 hours a day completing assignments. We have a total of six classes (not including advisory), most give homework. Students are being expected to complete an entire pile of assignments for multiple classes. This is causing us to stay up until the early hours of the mornings to complete work. Because of the lack of sleep we get from staying up so late, students are unable to remain focused in class. Therefore we are not fully understanding the lessons. We go home and are expected to complete assignments we do not understand. This prolongs the time we are spending on homework. This endless cycle continues.

Not only does homework prevent us from getting the education we deserve, we don't have time to be kids! Most of Carver's students are student athletes, or participate in extracurricular activities during after school hours. We feel as if Carver's teachers do not understand that we are more than just students. We have hobbies and activities that are becoming nearly impossible to participate in, simply because of the large amount of homework we are recieveing. Homework is causing stress, frustration, and anxiety to most of Carver's students. Oklahoma already gives enough state tests to students, and our school district system is struggling. The amount of homework we are receiving just adds on to the stress we already have from the school day or even in our personal lives. Despite the fact that homework is proven to be non-beneficial, we are only asking for a decrease, not a complete removal. We understand that a removal is nonrealistic, but we feel as if teachers lessen the amount of homework we get, it will increase the amount of knowledge we are able to retain during the school day. We necessitate an immediate change. Thank you

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