Allow Jewelry at Westlake girls

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Majority of students at Westlake Girls High School like to wear jewelry to express themselves many of these items of Jewelry have a sentimental meaning.The schools rules are too strict now and taking this rule too far . We as students should be able to wear whatever Jewelry we like as we pay thousands of dollars for the uniform and the stationary etc . We would like to wear whatever earrings we want regarding they are suitable for our classes each day and our necklaces too and bracelets as well . We aren't try into take away the uniform as we know it will not be opinionated on again but we would like to have our own form of personal identity as Westlake high school students . We should be able to be role models in our uniform  wearing a bit of jewellery as we are teenage girls after all as I'm sure you remember  we are told to express ourselves and our uniqueness but due to the uniform etc and not being able to wear nail polish and a limited amount of pierceings we only can do so with Jewelry and many reasons are cultural or sentimental values. All staff are allowed to wear jewlery. why can't we? staff dont have an expensive required uniform. why do we ? we as students as people have the same rights to whatever you have. we are all equal, so why cant we have equal rights through our education.