Support Sirois & Hasan - A History of Excellence - Glenview Senior Public School

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Support Sirois & Hasan, Their History of Excellence

Mr. Sirois has exhibited leadership excellence over many years at Glenview Senior Public School (SrPS).  We are, collectively, writing to ensure that this history of excellence is communicated to you as you proceed through this investigation.

We are members of the broad Glenview SrPS community, current and former parents and students of Glenview.

In our experience, Mr. Sirois & Ms. Hasan:

  • are attentive listeners to the needs of all
  • run the school with fairness, efficiency & caring 
  • immediately deal with any concerns expressed
  • conduct themselves with extreme professionalism
  • hold the respect of the diverse student, staff and parent base

Through their dedication, we believe that the Glenview Principal and Vice Principal are responsible for the success of this complex school.  

Glenview is home to approximately 800 students who come together for Grades 7 and 8 from a varying backgrounds, languages, levels of education.  Each year, approximately 400 students graduate and 400 new faces join the group.  Managing a school with so much change is a challenging task.  Mr. Sirois and Ms. Hasan have done this difficult job remarkably well.

We have no knowledge of the facts surrounding the recent incident involving students at Glenview and recognize that a process must be followed in this investigation.  But, we do know about the history of excellence exhibited by Mr. Sirois and, by extension, Ms. Hasan.  We are writing to ensure this history of excellence is communicated as you proceed through this investigation to uncover the truth in an unbiased manner.

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