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What Lies Ahead For Glenview's Students?


Over 800 concerned members of the Glenview Community signed a petition last May to show support for Principal Sirois. A copy of the petition wording was sent to and acknowledged by the TDSB Board and superintendents.

As September approaches, we draw your attention to a second petition circulating regarding concern for the upcoming Glenview school year in addition to demanding accountability and transparency at the TDSB.

Here is the link to the petition, please sign/share if you see fit:

Additionally, please note that the Glenview Parents Association began to send information about Glenview to the broader community last year. If you would like to receive these emails, you must sign up using this link: Glenview SC, Stay In Touch

Many thanks,

Members of the Glenview Community

Members of the Glenview Community
1 year ago