Petition Closed
Petitioning SGPC and 5 others

Principal Secretary, Technical Education , Punjab, India: Remove corrupt Director Dr.Manohar Singh Saini from GNDEC Ludhiana.

1. Corruption free education system required to produce corruption free citizens
2. It is important to be transparent to maintain the dignity of an educational institution.
3. Its the matter of rights and fight against corrupt authorities
4.Transparancy and uplift of educational standards at GNDEC Ludhiana.
5.We want complete transparency and replacement of corrupt management. This college has been the lifeline of many rural students and not only helped them progressing their careers but also made good citizens. Lately, it has been catching attention for all the wrong reasons. The whole GENCO alumni and current students are highly concerned with the present alarming situation.
5. To enhance acedmic performance of collage.
6. To reduce the tuition fees /cost.
7. To provide Equal opportunities to everybody.
8. To Improve the quality of education.
9. To maintain respect / reputation of Alma mater.

Letter to
Chief Minister of Punjab
Principal Secretary, Technical Education , Punjab, India
and 3 others
Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab
Below are some of Corruption Charges/Allegations against Director Dr.Manohar Singh Saini

1. He was blamed for causing a blunder in examination as Dean Examinations in PTU by Punjab Government in 2005. Strict punishment was ordered against him including removal by Govt. of Punjab.
2. While serving with PTU as Dean Examinations he got his son cleared in reavaluation of papers his marks were changed from 7 to 23. PTU also ordered inquiry regarding this matter.
3. His appointment was subject to approval from PTU as well as AICTE as per his offer letter given by GNDEC .This was never taken till date.
4. He stayed in alumni home for about a month but never paid neither made any entries in registers. He violated the rules of alumni association .
5. He again made use of alumni building for his guests during his son marriage but never paid any rent or made entries in this regard.
6. He spent more than five lakh for furnishing of his free accommodation, Items like tread mill etc costing thousands of rupees were also purchased under furnishing. Three printers worth 63 thousand were also purchased for his house, No justification for these.
7. He is availing rent free accommodation by trust but still clamming Rs 15000/- as house rent allowance. Amounts to misappropriation of funds.
8. He claimed Rs 23500/- fee as controller of examination under his own signatures and also under his own counter signatures. During that time he was not even present in India as his leave applications shows that he was out of country at that time.
9. He visited his Daughter in Canada with full expenses from college accounts on pretext of signing some MOU's. Not even a single student was benefited except his daughter from these fake MOUs.
10. He also used his official vehicle for personal use for going to Delhi and Amritsar many times. Number of times official vehicle of training and placement cell was used by him for going for marriages, parties etc
11. While serving with SLIET Longowal , he stayed in house number 22 type V. The electric meter of that was found tempered and a penalty of 55901 was imposed for power theft on him?
12. He was appointed as principal and all principals are suppose to take teaching load as per AICTE norms. Just to avoid this he himself got elevated to post of Director without any sanction or publishing the post.
13. He got the appointment changed from principal to director just to get enhanced pay package. Much more than his entitlement as per Punjab government rules.
14. He claimed pay commission arrears even before the pay scales were implemented in GNDEC .
15. He is accused of large scale bungling in admission of 2010 and 2011 which is being investigated by PTU.