Ban bags without side pockets at Barlow!!

Ban bags without side pockets at Barlow!!

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Started by Sbhs Bag Rates

Honestly, who buys a bag without side pockets? Where will you hold water bottles? Do they just not drink water? Red flags.

Since I strongly believe that bags lacking side pockets should be banned from Sam Barlow High School, I've created this petition. Sign it or you're homophobic. Here are my reasons, the three R's:

Responsibility~I am making sure kids stay responsible by always having a place to put their water bottle so it never gets lost. you'll be thanking me later when your parents or guardians realize how responsible you are by not losing your things.

Reuse~most backpack companies who sell bags with side pockets are higher quality tbh, the bag will last longer. You should make sure to support companies who bless you with massive side pockets. Shout out to Jansport!! make your bags have side pockets or else.

Recycle~Some bags are made by old recycled pieces of clothes and plastics. By adding side pockets, you are using more plastic so it won't be pushed into the ocean or other ecosystems and harm the animals we all love and care for. Are you really going to buy bags from people who make sure there is extra plastic and litter?? It is bad for the environment and we care about you.

So as you can see, coming from someone who has side pockets, throw out those old raggedy bags and get some side pockets. they are nothing but bad for our environment and should be banned to help Barlow become the environmentally friendly school we all want it to be. Thank you for listening to my TED talk guys :)

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!