Let LCHS students who pulled senior prank walk at graduation.

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Senior pranks have been a rite of passage for graduating classes since our parents and grandparents were in high school. So long as the prank does not harm anyone or any school property, the students should not be punished. These students let two, perfectly safe, pet rats loose in one building. The rats were retrieved after a while without causing any harm. They caused nothing besides causing a little commotion, as senior pranks are meant to. All students involved are upstanding citizens, have no record of misbehavior at school, and have plans to graduate and attend college. Instead they were suspended and denied the right to walk at graduation. We hope to, not even remove the suspension, but allow the students to walk at graduation.


update: it has come to attention that this petition doesn’t share the full story. Yes the students were at school after hours and opened a school window to let the rats in. It is also true that the rat did bite a custodian who attempted to grab it by hand. The custodian has said that the incident was handled because the rats were safe. The custodian has expressed not wanting to have the students be barred from walking at graduation as well. I apologize if this affects your support for this petition in any way.