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Pankaj Bhau's canteen stays, or we go on a hunger strike!

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Allowing us to bear yet another mind-numbing academic year, Pankaj Bhau ka Bus Canteen came as a ray of hope, for every student in RGCER(and perhaps, the teachers as well). They say, the pupils in your eyes dilate when you look at something you love, and we all know ours do too when we look at our beloved Bus Canteen. We have come to associate it with a feeling of 'home', and rightly so, because how many times have you craved a nice, hot chai to brighten up your mood and have this canteen give you just that? How many times has the canteen filled with the sounds of our laughter, much like the kitchen in our homes? How many times have we met here just to catch a bit of gossip before the boring lectures started? Pankaj Bhau ka Canteen is our pride and it comes as a shock to hear that the thing we have come to love the most in our college is being taken away from us (for the second time)! I'm sure you can smell the injustice being done to Pankaj bhau and us too! So let's come together to stop this thing from happening! Support us in bringing our precious canteen back to where it belongs. If this canteen has ever meant anything to you, I request you to sign this petition to try to make a difference.

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