Online Exams for Class 9th and 11th students of IISJ

Online Exams for Class 9th and 11th students of IISJ

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We have been informed that the exams for 9th and 11th grade will be conducted offline at the end of February at school and the paper will be of descriptive type.

  • Many students are in India, Yanbu, Riyadh, Madina etc and are having problem for coming back to Jeddah for writing exams. It may be easy for some to arrange the tickets to come back, but it’s not the same for all families and we hope you’ll be understanding about it.
  • Also there are students who aren’t able to arrange the transport for attending school.
  • Even if the school does provide transport we students have become accustomed to online mode and have lost practice of writing exams at school. We are finding it hard and stressful to suddenly come to school and give our exams in descriptive mode.
  • There is also this factor where even if everyone were to appear for the exams and social distancing is maintained, there would still be risk of getting affected from the one who might carry a cold, fever, or COVID at worst. 
  • We stay home if we don’t feel well during normal days and attend the classes online but if the exams were made to be offline compulsory, then we’d all be forced to come regardless of our health and thus the covid or whatever viral infection is there will spread.

Therefore, we humbly request IISJ that the Term-2 exams for 9th and 11th grade are made to be online and MCQ type, and the date to be pushed back to the end of March if possible as some portion is still left for our teachers to complete teaching and we need time for revision. We will try our best to be regular and perform well offline for the forthcoming year 2022-2023. Thank You.

242 have signed. Let’s get to 500!