Unblock Coolmaths Games @ Tempe HS

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What's the problem?

Recently it has come to my attention that Coolmaths games, which has entertained children in primary school across the globe, has become a blocked site. Coolmaths games was a website that regardless of what age, race or gender you were, you could go on and enjoy a chilled back and relaxed game. And although they were games, these games actually challenged students and required them to use various skills whether it be addition, subtraction, strategy, logic etc. 

However now with this website being blocked, not only has the education system essentially blocked many children's childhood but it is also preventing children of the coming generations from experiencing the same thrill that many others had. It's simply ridiculous.

How can WE resolve this issue?

By signing this petition, of course! If we can show the education system that this truly matters to us then we can make a difference and get this site unblocked. Just think about, by simply signing this petition not only are we unblocking the website but we are also unlocking the childhoods of many children across Australia who are yet to experience this wonder that so many of us have already experienced.