Luna’s Discriminatory Dress Code

Luna’s Discriminatory Dress Code

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Principal of Luna middle school

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Started by Reagan Sloan

Our school has had a dress code that targets and shames the female form for too long. We demand that our principal make changes to the dress code so that there is more equity in our community.

Female students have experienced issue after issue due to the dress code. We have missed out on education because their shoulders were showing. Tall and curvy girls are targeted even more, as the dress code aims to hide legs and figures. Additionally, it is rare that male students are stopped or sent home for how they dress, and the dress code is seemingly designed to accommodate their lack of self control around women. This has affected our lives by making us feel ashamed of their bodies, increasing insecurities, and ultimately hindering young womens’ ability to learn. 

I have seen many people affected by this issue because young men are aloud to wear shorts  more that 4 inches above their knees but if women did that they would get dress coded in a heartbeat, men can wear ripped jeans without any thing under there pants but, if young women wear ripped jeans without leggings under their jeans they would have to find something to put under the hole’s like paper, masks, safety pins, and some times even duck tape. With the experiences of others in our school, it is clear that the need for change has arrived. 

We, the undersigned, demand that Principal Lisa Richard initiates dress code changes so that gender discrimination no longer harms our community by targeting and shaming our bodies

Make our dress code fair, inclusive, and equal!

205 have signed. Let’s get to 500!