Grant leigh School live up to your 'To God be the Glory" motto & stop recognizing Satanism

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There is a video circulating in social media showing satanic cult practice being recognized at the school as part of school award - why is the school allowing such practice if indeed the motto for the school is to give glory to God? Is satan the God at the school? What lesson is being given to lerners by recognizing satanic cult practices where amongst others, the Bible is torn apart? We need answers as a concerned community.... 

The society at large is amazed and to say the least SHOCKED at what that video displays and it is said that these practices were part of the recognition awards which the school is said to have accepted as befitting to be recognized & if this is true is means this would suggests that the school condones such practice 

We call upon the school to distance itself from satanic cult practices & if indeed this video is true, we call upon the school to issue a public apology and to assure the public that such will WILL NEVER  happen again at the school 

Failure by the principal to act swiftly could result in a public march at the school and to demand that the principal as the head of the school be expelled & further legal action can also be taken against those who support satanic cult practices at the school