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Dont pull start pulling "big bank" strong arm tactics against customers

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A year and a half ago we switched from Wells Fargo in support of the big bank transfer movement to our car loan provider, Provident Credit Union. After last night however I am concerned that this particular credit union has learned some the tactics that have made the big banks lots of money from their "customers".

In front of my 6 and 7 yr. old children our family's minivan was repossessed for missing one month payment, after 6 years of paying over the minimum monthly payment . Only on one income, we needed until the 15th of this month (anyone who gets paid bi-monthly can understand) to bring our account current. No calls were made from the "bank", just the sound of a tow truck and the best explanations to our young children was all we could do last night. Luckily the tow truck driver was nice enough to let us pull the only cars seats we have out before he took off.

After talking with a representative with Provident today, Provident could have saved $330 and made a phone call. Now in order to get our family's van back we have to pay Provident and towing $600 ontop of bringing the account current. I thought, as most people do and hope, that credit unions were different. Well if you have Provident as your financial institution you can start second guessing how many more of these type of stong arm tactics will become "business as usual".

Please sign the petition to tell the President of Provident Mr. Wayne Bunker that we the people want credit unions to be differernt than the big banks and thats why we transferred to them. Thank you

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