Allow Prof. Melanie Bennett-Stonebanks to return as Director of Practice Teaching.

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Principal Michael Goldbloom,

We the Education Students of Bishop’s University are completely horrified to find out that Prof. Melanie Bennett-Stonebanks will not be invited to return to her position as our Director of Practice Teaching. Melanie has been instrumental in building a personal relationship with each one of us, to ensure the best possible match for our Practicum Placements. She has been instrumental in providing us with new opportunities, and building a strong base of practicum supervisors.

Although we do understand the shift from the contract position to full position, we the students sincerely doubt that somebody new could ever build relationships with students and community the way that she has, and have serious urgent concerns about the quality of our placements next year as well as the quality of practicum supervisors without her as our Director of Practice Teaching.

We the students do not understand why her application to become full-time faculty was not more strongly considered, she is in the process of gaining even more credentials, built on her existing strong foundation of professional experience she has gained in her time here, all while delivering the exceptional and exemplary personalized experience for us students that makes us students proud to study Education here at Bishop’s University.

We request that immediate action take place to ensure that the exceptional quality of our placements as well as the relationships and opportunities she created for us remain fully in-tact, something we strongly believe cannot be done in her absence. Again, we simply cannot and do not believe anyone else could possibly be better suited for the role of our Director of Practice Teaching.

We humbly request that this decision is reconsidered considering her highly valued skills in building strong relationships with us students, the schools we train in, and our supervisors as well as the greater education community.

Thank-you for your time.

-The Students of the School of Education.

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