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Petitioning Principal at San Dimas High School Michael Kelly

Principal Kelly of San Dimas High School: Create this new schedule for the 2013-2014 school year.

I am proposing the creation of a new schedule for the 2013-2014 school year at SDHS with school starting at 8:00 am, periods 1-7(but no study period) on Friday with an early release at 1:00 pm, block schedule for Monday-Thursday(with study period). Here's my reasoning. Every week students, teachers, and staff are stressing excessively. Why? Because they have to deal with 6-7 periods daily and have to start school at 7:35 in the morning! With a later start at 8:00 am, everybody can get at least an extra 20 minutes in the morning to sleep or relax, instead of rushing out the door and possibly being late. With block schedule, everybody's workload would be cut in half. With a regular early release day staff meetings, parent/teacher conferences, and senior projects can get done more on a regular basis. With more sleep, more time to get to school, less work, and a regular early release day not only will students be happier, but teachers will be too because their students will be behaving better in class and not being tardy as often. Test scores will increase, not just class or district tests, but STATE tests, which is what makes up our API score. This new schedule can benefit our school in so many ways, all that needs to happen is for it to be put into effect.

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