(ICSC 2017) We demand ONLINE end term final year exams

(ICSC 2017) We demand ONLINE end term final year exams

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Started by ICSC SEM 6

We want to bring it to your notice that amidst the worst condition of pandemic right now,  Islamia college of science and commerce, Hawal is all dead-set to still conduct offline exams. The risk is rising by every passing day but the Principal ICSC wants to stand different from the rest of the colleges by putting our health and life at stake.
Many classmate recently tested positive, many among them being still symptomatic. Gathering us all in an examination hall will not only increase the chance of newer infections but will also affect the students who already are having a hard time fighting the virus.
ICSC principl calming that he's bound to conduct offline exams as it has strictly been directed by MHRDC and UGC guidelines.
However, MHRDC and UGC have issued guidelines for examination and they have NOT mebtioned any compulsion for OFFLINE MODE.
Cluster University take ONLINE exam for END term final year, SSM college release a datesheet of B.E. final 8th semester based on ONLINE EXAM? Delhi University, Madras University are taking ONLINE exams for END term final year students. Why is this injustice being done with us only?
We have even been told that we will have to sign an undertaking before examination where we will have to agree to bear the responsibility if something goes wrong. If someone is too fearful, he will be directed to go for biannual exams. This is the worst type of psychological torture that you can ever put us through.
We Students request the administration to please voice our appeal on a meaningful platform where we can expect some solution.

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1,121 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!