Withdraw gender discriminatory rules and fees in upcoming women's hostel in Hindu College!

Dear Members of the Pinjra Tod movement,

I noticed there is something missing in this letter which was mentioned in the earlier, more effusive reactions to the issue on social media. I assume it was forgotten, so I'm writing to remind you to kindly ask the authorities to immediately get rid of air-conditioning in the hostel, which is being used to justify the hiked fees. It is a wasteful luxury that not many can afford in this country. If they wish, they can install it in common spaces like the library (if not already installed), which everyone, including day scholars, can access. After all, you cannot have additional facilities in the girls' hostel while demanding that fees be kept at par with that of the boys' hostel.

Best of luck with the campaign!

Asilata K, Mumbai, India
5 years ago
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