Naming of High School III


Naming of High School III

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Stephanie Warren started this petition to Principal Greg Bergamasco and the St. Johns County School Board Members

Principal Greg Bergamasco and St. Johns County School Board Members,

This is a petition to implore you to name High School III, Beachside High School. The name, Beachside High School, accurately reflects the community in which the school is located, the beach which the school sits across from, and it is the number one choice of the future students and parents of this new high school.

High School III will be located within the very unique community of Beachwalk featuring Beachwalk's Crystal Lagoon, the largest man-made water feature in the U.S.

The students will enter the Beachwalk community each morning, driving around 14 acres of luminous water surrounded by sugar sand beaches, driving down Beachwalk Blvd as they enter their school.

There is no other school located in an area like High School III and the name should reflect the uniqueness of this one-of-a-kind school, the community it is in, and the allure of the area.

  • Sampson Creek:  We do not want or need another “Creek” high school, there are 9 other schools in SJCSD with Creek in their name. The school is neither on nor near Sampson Creek, it is 2 miles from Sampson Creek.  Let them use the name Sampson for a future school they build in that area which is representative of and on/near Sampson Creek…which High School III is not.
  • St. Johns High School:  This is not unique at all. There is already a St. Johns High School in the SJCSD, St. Johns Technical High School.
  • Ocean Valley:  While the name is welcoming, the school is neither on nor near the ocean and it is not a unique name as there is already an Ocean Palms school in the SJCSD. There are also other schools with Valley in the name, Valley Ridge and Palm Valley schools.
  • Bayside: While a fun, welcoming name and who didn’t love Saved By The Bell growing up…there is no Bay.


Beachside truly is unique to all the SJCSD school names, accurately represents the community where it is located and the beach across from where it is built.

Please listen to your future students and parents and make your choice our number one choice, Beachside High School.


Your future parents and students


This petition made change with 551 supporters!

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