Demand Justice For Sexual Assault Victims at Ida B. Wells-Barnett High

Demand Justice For Sexual Assault Victims at Ida B. Wells-Barnett High

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Sorry for not adding this update sooner, it should have been added months and months ago I just didn’t really realize it was needed.

Schools response: They had multiple mandatory announcements to the entire school about what paths you can take, finally making it clear what options the victim has. Theres a few problems within the solutions but overall the things they claim sound good. For how they actually work, I have no clue because I haven’t heard about anyones experience under the system they put in place, if anyone has anything to share feel free. As for what you can do now, advocate for schools who are having greater injustices with their treatment of rape cases. (I hate to say greater because its a bit minimizing but schools that don't even have a system in place) Continue advocating for the rights of victims all over the globe, and stay safe.

ALSO: Please do not chip in money! It goes to the website not me or the school frist off and second this petition isn't needed anymore so at this point especially it's unnecessary.

For so long sexual assault and rape cases in the Portland Public Schools District have been overlooked and ignored. At my school, Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School, it is a big issue that affects many if not all of my classmates. I have classes with rapists. My friends have classes with rapists. These assaulters often get out of the situation easily and are given the opportunity to continue perpetrating assault against other students. This is unacceptable. We as students should not have to deal with the stress or trauma of sitting next to a known rapist in class. WE DESERVE BETTER. Our administrators claim to care about our well-being and safety while routinely siding with rapists, helping them get out of the situation as clean as possible. Our current system would rather shame victims and support rapists then support victims and shame rapists. This system needs reform. We need to not only hold the sexual assaulters in our community accountable, but also the people in charge that keep allowing rapists and assaulters to get away with this. School Administration at Ida B. Wells- Barnett High, specifically Principal Filip Hrtistić, and the Portland Public Schools District both need to change the way they view these cases. THEY ARE IMPORTANT. THEY MATTER. We hear victims and will not stop fighting until they get the justice they deserve, so please sign this petition to help in our fight for justice, safety, and liberation. 


1,342 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!