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Anita Kanitz
3 years ago
"The cruel kind people treat you shows you what for kind of people they are! If you look away from injustice you take part of the injustice!
Don't judge so quick about others tomorrow you can be in their shoes."
Anita Kanitz

"Feminists are often asked whether pornography causes rape. The fact is that rape and prostitution caused and continue to cause pornography. Politically, culturally, socially, sexually, and economically, rape and prostitution generated pornography; and pornography depends for its continued existence on the rape and prostitution of women."

Andrea Dwrokin, Pornography and Male Supremacy .

"The nature of women's oppression is unique: women are oppressed as women, regardless of class or race; some women have access to significant wealth, but that wealth does not signify power; women are to be found everywhere, but own or control no appreciable territory; women live with those who oppress them, sleep with them, have their children — we are tangled, hopelessly it seems, in the gut of the machinery and way of life which is ruinous to us."

Andrea Dworkin, Woman Hating

“Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.”
― Kurt Cobain

"If the right of a young woman to integrity was really taken seriously, there would be self-defense for women as a subject. Instead, we continue to learn adaptation. "
-Luisa Francia, feminist German writer

"What are the men good for? ... We women are not sure why the men are there. Honestly, we hardly ever asked ourselves this question. They are there, and there is bad enough. We wonder how we can best escape and survive, but not what they are good for. "
-Luise F. Pusch, feminist German linguist

"Call it what you want when a man or boy penetretes a girl or woman against her will, I call it rape!"
-Anita Kanitz

"Why Is It So Important to Remember?

When you were abused, those around you acted as if it weren’t happening. Since no one else acknowledged the abuse, you sometimes felt that it wasn’t real. Because of this you felt confused. You couldn’t trust your own experience and perceptions. Moreover, others’ denial led you to suppress your memories, thus further obscuring the issue.

You can end your own denial by remembering. Allowing yourself to remember is a way of confirming in your own mind that you didn’t just imagine it. Because the person who abused you did not acknowledge your pain, you may have also thought that perhaps it wasn’t as bad as you felt it was. In order to acknowledge to yourself that it really was that bad, you need to remember as much detail as possible. Because by denying what happened to you, you are doing to yourself exactly what others have done to you in the past: You are negating and denying yourself.”
― Beverly Engel, The Right to Innocence

"Femicide is on the extreme end of a continuum of antifemale terror that includes a wide variety of verbal and physical abuse, such as rape, torture, sexual slavery(particularly in prostitution), incestuous and extrafamilial child sexual abuse, physical and emotional battery, sexual harassment (on the phone, in the streets, at the office, and in the classroom), genital mutilation (clitoridectomies, excision, infibulations), unnecessary gynecological operations(gratuitous hysterectomies), forced heterosexuality, forced sterilization, forced motherhood (by criminalizing contraception and abortion), psychosurgery,denial of food towomen in some cultures, cosmetic surgery, and other mutilations in the name of beautification.Whenever these forms of terrorism result in death, they become femicides."
-Diana Russell

Unwanted and teen pregnancy is often caused by forced sex and sexual abuse or even rape! Judging the pregnant girls is not the solution The solution is to help them in the best way!

The best contraception is always to have no intercourse. Men and boys worldwide are using their genitals as weapons against females. In some countries sexual murder cases and war rapes are so high that we can speak from femicide!

Violence, rape, torture and humilation is very common in porns. Porngraphy is the instruction, rape the practice!

In 1976 Andrea Dworkin organized demonstrations against the film Snuff in New York, but attempts to start an organization to continue the feminist anti-pornography campaign failed. Efforts were more successful in Los Angeles, where Women Against Violence Against Women was founded in response to Snuff in 1976; they campaigned against the Rolling Stones' 1976 album Black and Blue. The U.S. anti-pornography movement gained ground with the founding of Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media in 1977 in San Francisco, following a 1976 conference on violence against women held by local women's centers. Early members included Susan Griffin, Kathleen Barry, and Laura Lederer. WAVPM organised the first national conference on pornography in San Francisco in 1978 which included the first Take Back the Night march. The conference led to anti-pornography feminists organizing in New York in 1979 under the banner of Women Against Pornography and to similar organizations and efforts being created across the United States. In 1983, Page Mellish, a one-time member of WAVPM and of WAP, founded Feminists Fighting Pornography to focus on political activism seeking legal changes to limit the porn industry. Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon wanted civil laws restricting pornography and to this end drafted the Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance.

Sex slavery, child and forced prostitution is common in all countries worldwide.Another debate of the feminist sex wars centered on prostitution. The women in the anti-pornography camp argued against prostitution, claiming it is forced on women who have no other alternatives.[neutrality is disputed] Meanwhile, sex-positive feminists argued that this position ignored the self-agency of women who chose sex work, viewing prostitution as not inherently based on the exploitation of women. Carol Leigh notes that "The Prostitutes rights movement of the early 1970s evolved directly from the women's movement", but adds: "The women's movement in the U.S. has always been ambivalent about prostitutes". The polarized views of feminists on prostitution have affected their positions on the related issue of human trafficking, which is frequently for the purpose of sexual exploitation, with anti-prostitution feminists taking up the position of abolitionists.

The male legend of the horny girls and women which have many orgasm during intercourses is part of the sexual enslavement of women. Across multiple different studies from the last several decades of research, scientists have consistently observed that between 80 percent of women will not orgasm during sex, and that a further ten percent won’t orgasm at all in their lifetime.
The porn industry and prostitution lives from the lies of played female lust and orgasm.

For example, in one study over 40% of Pakistani men were completely unaware that females could even achieve orgasm. Even in countries like Egypt and were 90 % of all females have undergone cruel FGM and cannot reach lust and orgasm during their whole lifetime, all men are very sure, the females have orgasm during intercourse. This is common in all countries with FGM, the tears and cries of pain are in the sight of men signs of lust. The same sight have many rapists!

"How can we speak about rape culture? There is no culture in rape! Rape is a horrible and heinous crime. Nothing more and nothing less!"
-Anita Kanitz

"Child marriage is a cruel kind of child abuse and child rape, nearly always connected with forced marriages and forced underaged child births. In many cases the victims have al"so undergone cruel FGM. These hate crimes against female childs and underaged girls and very young women must be stopped forever!"
-Anita Kanitz

We are all the change for a better world, we have waiting for!
The enslavement of women and girls since humankind exists, is funded by the enslavement of their bodies and their sexuality. It is funded by rape culture, forced marriages, child marriages, forced child births, forced FGM, paid and unpaid rape in prostitution and pornography, marital rape, sex trade, sex slavery, denied human rigths, education, gender equality and denied contraception and abortion.Denied contraception and abortion means forced childbirths, funding of rape culture and misogyny. The best contraception is to have no intercourse with men.

There’s a large unmet need for contraception worldwide; more than 110 million women globally who want contraceptives but do not have access to them. One third of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended (80 million annually). These pregnancies lead to 20 million unsafe abortions each year with at least 70,000 women—often mothers—dying as a result. Many more, approximately 5 million women, are hospitalized annually from complications as a result of unsafe abortions. Approximately 90% of deaths from unsafe abortions and 20% of other obstetrical deaths could be avoided by increased access to effective contraception for women worldwide.Stop unwanted pregnancies and tell men and boys not to rape and abuse women.

In the United States, among the 62 million women of reproductive age, most (70 percent) are sexually active, fertile and are trying to avoid getting pregnant, yet nearly half of all pregnancies each year are unintended.

Approximately 11% of these women do not use any method currently, and this small percentage of women account for more than 50% of all unintended pregnancies. At current rates, experts estimate that at least half of all US women will experience an unintended pregnancy, and one in three will have an abortion, by age 45.

Every minute, a young woman becomes newly infected with HIV, and the vast majority of HIV infections are sexually transmitted. Women need reproductive health programs to be integrated with HIV/AIDS services, and vice-versa, for improved efficiency and effectiveness in preventing AIDS infection and unplanned pregnancy and improving maternal and child health.

The United States, through PEPFAR – the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) – has made an unprecedented commitment to helping create an AIDS Free Generation. Yet, PEPFAR funds cannot be used to purchase family planning commodities, nor are family planning services provided at PEPFAR sites, meaning that women cannot access a full range of contraceptives at the same site where they receive HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, or treatment. Moreover, continued U.S.-funding preferences for abstinence-based programs undermine comprehensive HIV-prevention services, including the provision of condoms.

Tell U.S. leaders that HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs must be integrated with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services including family planning services for women and girls.

First, well intercourse is NEVER sex for women. Only men experience rape as sexual and define it as such. Sex for men is the unilateral penetration of their penis into a woman (or anything else replacing and symbolising the female orifice) whether she thinks she wants it or not — which is the definition of rape: that he will to do it anyway and that he uses her and treats her as a receptacle, in all circumstances — it makes no difference to him experiencing it as sexual.
That is, at the very least, men use women as useful objects and instruments for penetration, and women are dehumanised by this act. It is an act of violence.

As FCM pointed out some time ago, intercourse is inherently harmful to women and intentionally so, because it causes pregnancy in women. The purpose of men enforcing intercourse regularly (as in, more than once a month) onto women is because it’s the surest way to cause pregnancy and force childbearing against our will, and thereby gain control over us.

And thereby gain control over our reproductive powers. There is no way to eliminate the pregnancy risk entirely off PIV and the mitigating and harm-reduction practices such as contraception and abortion are inherently harmful, too. Reproductive harms of PIV range from pregnancy to abortion, having to take invasive, or toxic contraception, giving birth, forced child bearing and rearing and all the complications that go with them which may lead up to severe physical and emotional damage, disability, destitution, illness, or death
Sex is used as weapon, even the crappiest online definition of violence: “behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something”. Bingo. It fits: Pregnancy = may hurt, damage or kill. Intercourse = a man using his physical force to penetrate a woman.: Intention / purpose: of the act of intercourse = to cause pregnancy.: PIV is therefore intentional harm / violence. Intentional sexual harm of a man against a woman

Sex is used as weapon, even the crappiest online definition of violence: “behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something”. Bingo. It fits: Pregnancy = may hurt, damage or kill. Intercourse = a man using his physical force to penetrate a woman.: Intention / purpose: of the act of intercourse = to cause pregnancy.: PIV is therefore intentional harm / violence. Intentional sexual harm of a man against a woman through penile penetration = RAPE

"Women have a lot to say about how to advance women's rights, and governments need to learn from that, listen to the movement and respond.”
-- Charlotte Bunch

Honor Killings: The United Nations Populations Fund estimates that as many as 5,000 women and girls are murdered by family members each year in so-called “honor killings” around the world. According to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions, “honor killings” have been reported in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda and the United Kingdom.

Female Genital Mutilation: The World Health Organization estimates that more than
200 million girls and women around the world have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM), a traditional practice that involves either the partial or total removal of the clitoris (clitoridectomy), the removal of the entire clitoris and the cutting of the labia minora (excision), or the removal of all external genitalia and the stitching together of the two sides of the vulva, leaving only a very small vaginal opening (infibulation). FGM is commonly practiced in various countries in the Middle East and Africa, though it has also been documented in Asia, the United States and Europe. At least 2 million girls every year, 6,000 per day, are at risk of undergoing FGM.

Acid Burning: In some countries, women and girls are attacked with acid as a result of family disputes or rejected sex or marriage proposals. An increasing number of such acid burnings have been reported in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Cambodia. Those who survive are permanently disfigured and/or blinded. Perpetrators of such attacks frequently escape punishment.

Dowry Death: The United Nations Children’s Fund estimates that as many as 17 women were murdered per day when their families failed to make dowry payments to the families of their husbands in India in 1997. In a report presented to the Beijing + 5 Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Government of India indicated a 15.2 percent rise in dowry deaths in 1999.

These are only a few examples of violence that are committed against women and girls every day in countries around the world. Although the manifestation of violence may vary according to the economic, social and cultural context in which it occurs, it is a universal phenomenon that is prevalent in every segment of every society, regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, age, class or country. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that violence is a greater cause of death among women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria and traffic accidents combined.

"The more I have spoken about feminism, the more I have realized that fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop." —Emma Watson

“Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don’t get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren’t careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.”
― Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women

"Don't call sadistic and dangerous actions of men, connected with bullying, harassment, stalking, rape, sexual violence, domestic abues and murder romance, love and normal, call it by the real name: heinous crimes. Don't blame the victim for the actions, blame the culprits. We are all the change for a better future without these crimes. We must only have the courage to call the crimes and the predators by the name and fight against it. We must be the voices of the victims! Never forget the pain and the deaths of the victims, remember them until end of time, that such crimes are the past and not the future!"
-Anita Kanitz

In the following four cases, men have supported me more than women and could really help me.

I would advise all women, girls, and female children to learn self-defense and martial arts instead of learning to be beautiful and docile. Because the day could come when it saves their lives.

Later I deterred all the aggressors by telling them I practiced on a Grapfruit in a self-defense course, how to squeeze out the eyes of male aggressors.

I was stalked and hunted with a car by a unknown man(a cowardly pervert) as I was a little school girl on my long and lonley school way. I was 10 years old. He wanted to abduct me and rape me and perhaps kill me. All the time he cried out of the car, he has a little girl as me at home, I must fear nothing. The last time the man chased me with the car and tried to pull me in the car, I slammed the car door from the outside and clamped his arm in the car door and then ran away over fields, fields and scrub where he could not follow with the car. I saw on his hand a ring, he was married. He verbally abused me out of the car and threatened to kill me. Nevertheless, this behavior has saved me. Although the offender was tall and strong, I escaped. At that time, I was telling everything to my teacher and classmates which were trying to ambush the man to grab him. But he escaped. and was never seen again.What a perverse human pig!

I was bullied and stalked in college and at workplace. I was 17 year old. I got rape threats from a psychopathic classmate (a cowardly idiot). When the classmate sexually insulted and scolded me in front of the whole class, I ripped him with his long hair over a bench and hit him with a ruler until it broke. That gave me respect, because he was a very strong and very tall young man. He had many girl friends all the time, changing them like T-Shirts and laughing about them, but in spite of that, he harassed me. Classmates and a female teacher were speaking some hard words to him, after It told them, that this stalker want to rape me with others and was planing that. He defamed me in the whole school. What a heinous human pig!He left the school without passed exame.

And at the workplace there was a rape attempt by a male boss (a cowardly dumb ass)I was 18 years old.
My supervisor gave me a lot of work unnecessarily, so I sat at it until the evening. When we were alone in the office, he came from behind, took me into a strangle hold and tried to throw me down and take off the sweater. I broke free with elbows and kicks, gave him a chin hook that sent him to the ground and then stepped on him. After that, I escaped. I was very angry because his pregnant wife was in the hospital and he bragged in the office, that he slept daily with another girl, they are all sluts. This offender was very strong, like a bulldog. I told everything to my other big boss and a male collegague. Both said very hard words to the culprit and threatend him with the police. The offender said, he invited me to a cup of coffee and then I got mad. What a cowardly human pig! But they did not believe him. In spite of this I was bullied and harassed by others, because of that and so I terminated my job after three years for a better one.

I was stalked and harassed by an misogynist ex-tenant (a cowardly asshole) and his entire circle of friends. At that time I was 48 years old. There were damages to property, slander on the Internet, cybermobbing, telephone terror, rape threats and death threats.My husband e-mailed the tenant for his outrageous behavior, which then accused us of being liars and stalkers.
My husband reported the tenant on suspicion of terrorism because tenant had the behavior of a terrorist and friendships with very uncanny appropriate people.

I think my ex-tenant is a very dangerous man who is capable of anything.

Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a pistol at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my husband informed me that the tenant had bought a sadistic porn on the same day, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleedings.
I think my ex-tenant is a very dangerous man who is capable of anything. Shortly before moving out, he was seen laughing and taking a gun at the head of his then-female acquaintance in a car below the house. At the same time, my husband informed me that the tenant had bought a sadistic porn on the same day, when his girlfriend wanted sanitary napkins because of heavy bleeding from me. We knew immediately what had happened. During his short thenant-time he had a girl friend and many One-Night-Stands, but in spite of that, he stalked me. And he defamed me in the neighbour hood as woman, that slept around. After the departure of the tenant informed me the mother of a female tenant in the apartment above him that this was probably drugged with drugs, raped and was now blackmailed. Since the female tenant no longer talked to us and then moved out and probably no police turned on, we could unfortunately do nothing. Murder and rape threats to me were signed with Jack from Hell. I got a photo sent from the blowjob with about twelve years old girl, I recognized him on the liver spot and dimples on the chin, on the dark hair and the clothes.
From a forum for stalking victims, I and all those who wanted to help me, were bullied out by him and other unknowns within a few days. I was no longer anonymous, because my appearance and my place of residence was described. A pen pal discovered a forum where my tenant bragged that he was going to end the conflict with a woman with a bottle in her vagina, attached with a corresponding cruel X-ray image of such a crime. What a sadistic human pig! My tenant was a very tall and very strong man, when I realized that he was planning something evil when I was home alone one day, I invited my parents and let them park their car somewhere else. He came then and was very angry when I was not alone, he was sweating heavily, claiming that he wanted to pay me the rent cash today and pulled out a bundle of unbelievable many money , which seemed very strange to me. He is a masterful psychopathic liar, and capable of anything that I know to be evil.

The unintelligible thing about the whole thing is, all Criminals, Mobbers and Stalkers had spectators, bystanders and helpers and people, which are looking away, also females. How can women and girls in this world be so stupid to be not on their own side?
I have therefore the opinion that the cowardly crimes stalking, bullying and rape are punished as hard as possible and that helpers, bystanders and spectators must be also severely punished.
Bullying and stalking, rape culture should not be more straightforward in the future. In cases where bullying and stalking leads to death or ends with rape, gang rape, sexual torture, murder and suicide, there should be high lifelong imprisonment for all parties, including helpers and spectators.

The female betrayal of female victims is as old as the world. Because of this men worldwide call women dumb and inferior. The female betrayal includes bullying, slander, hate speech, psychoterror, abuse, violence, stalking, participation in FGM, child murder, abortion of female fetuses, femicide, forced marriages, childhood marriages, honor murder, dowry murder, sex murder, sexual torture, acid attacks, witch hunts, sex slavery, rape pornography, forced prostitution. Female treason also means excusing the perpetrators and accusing the victims. This is a worldwide disgrace and must have an end.

Organized hate campaigns are for example bullying with internet harassment and online slandering. Stalking, cyber stalking and bullying,,online stalking, online harassment connected with defamation and identy theft, the enhanced form of bullying has increased alarmingly worldwide and also the cruelty to the victims is very frightening. Many destroyed lives and suicides, especially among children, adolescents, young girls are very much the case. Stalkers are felonies, cowardly, psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, brutal and capable of anything. I know that as victims and as a member of a victim organization. It is important to establish support centers for victims, it is important to create very hard for stalker laws with long prison terms. It is important to recognize stalking as a felony and condemn the perpetrators as felons. Stalkers lay hands remarkably often on women living alone, young girls, to students, children who are going to school and chat, families with children.
It makes them fun to destroy lifes, it makes them fun to get people to commit suicide, it makes them fun to make people emotionally, professionally and personally broken. This has to end with very hard punishments!

"When good and evil are placed in opposition to one another, good usually triumphs over evil. However, when good and evil make pacts with one another, it is usually evil which triumphs."
Anita Kanitz

Gang rape: worldwide fun for young men and boys!
The heinous crime ever, because the victim cannot escape!

Gang Rape : 8 Most Brutal Gang Rape Cases in The World

1. 2009 Richmond High School Gang Rape, U.S.

On 24 October 2009 a 15 year old student was on her way back from a school ball. Her father wanted to pick her up, when a classmate persuaded her to come with him to the picnic area of their school. There, six men and boys were waiting who started to beat, rape and humiliate the girl for around two hours.

Several witnesses came, saw what was happening, but didn’t help according to reports. Instead, they filmed the scenario and send sms to other classmates. After the attack, the victim was left unconscious on the picnic place and had to be flown to hospital by helicopter.

One of the rapists was the 19 year old Manuel Ortega, who was an ex¬-pupil of the Richmond High school. The 15 year old victim got often teased because of her style and her nature, which weren’t “hip” enough.

2. 2016 Yuyun Gang Rape Sumatra, Indonesia

Yuyun Gang Rape Sumatra Indonesia

On 2 April 2016, a 14¬-year-¬old student from a small village in Sumatra, Indonesia was on her way back home from school, when someone pulled her into the forest. There, 14 young men were waiting who allegedly raped and then killed Yuyun.

Her corpse was found naked and knotted. Her offenders were all under 18. They drank palm liquor before they committed the crime. While the instance didn’t get much media attention, was it the feminist lobby in Indonesia, who called attention for this case, stating that it was only one out of many rapes that already happened in 2016. They request a harder draft pills against sexual violence to women.

3. 2012 Delhi Gang Rape

2012 Delhi Gang Rape, India

It was the 16 December 2012 when the 23 year old physiotherpy student Jyoti Singh and her boyfriend were on their way back home from the cinema. Almost simoultaneously in Delhi, a group of six men stole an empty bus. They were driving aimlessly around in the city, when they saw Jyoti and her boyfriend waiting for a bus. The two went in, not knowing that it was not a normal bus, when the six men first beat Jyotis boyfriend up and then brutally raped her.

After that, they tried to pulled out her intestines with an iron rod and threw her and her boyfriend half dead on the road. The act caused a worldwide shock and triggered a debate about sexual violence against women in India and their role in society. People and especially women organised mass protests and demanded to hang the six rapists. Four of them were sentenced to death, but appealed against the judgement. The leader of the group was found hanged in his cell in March 2013. In 2015, one of the rapist got released, because during the time of the crime he was an underage.

4. 2012 Oksana Makar Gang Rape, Ukraine

Oksana Makar Gang Rape

Oksana Makar was only 18 years old, when three young men brutally raped her on 2 April 2012. When she threatened them to report the offence to the police, they choked Oksana until they were thinking she is dead. After that, the three men wrapped the young girl in a cloth, dragged her into a deserted building site and set her on fire. A passerby spotted her and reached out for help.

Oksana died three weeks later due to her heavy injuries. Almost 55 % of her skin was burnt and doctors had to amputate both her feet and the right arm. The case caused a huge public indignation in the Ukraine. All three perpetrators were caught by the police, but two of them quickly got released. The reason: it turned out that they were the sons of high officials of the regional administration.

Oksana’s mother in the meanwhile showed a video of her suffering daughter on the internet. She had the sympathy of the Ukrainians on her side, who donated blood and raised money for Oksana.

5. Gang Rape and Murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, U.S.

Two teenage girls from Houston, Texas, were gang raped and murdered on June 24, 1993. 15 year old Jennifer Lee Ertman and 16 year old Elizabeth Christine Pena were on their way back home from a party, when they decided to take a shortcut across the tracks to avoid being back at home after the curfew. Here, beer drinking gang members noticed them, captured the girls and raped them several times.

Once the six men realized that the girls could recognize them, they decided to kill them.

Jennifer and Elizabeth got strangled to death and were found four days later in the park. Peter Anthony Cantu, who was the leader of the gang, was executed in August 2010 with lethal injection. It was his brother, who told the police about the crime after hearing that the youngest members of the gang boasted how much fun they had with the girls. Two other gang members got executed in 2006 and 2008.
Two of three left persecutors got sentenced to death for lifetime, while the youngest one (who was only 14 years old at the time of the crime) was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment..

6. 2006 Qatif Gang Rape, Saudi Arabia

The 18 year old victim of the Qatif gang rape met in a car with her former boyfriend by the end of 2006. According to her she met him to get back a photo of her as she was already engaged to someone else during this time. But her ex-¬boyfriend kidnapped her and after thereupon, she got raped by seven different men.

After the incident, the “Qatif Girl”, who belongs to a Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, was sentenced to 90 lashes, as she had met a man without another male relative. On 13 November 2007, the penalty was aggravated in an appeal to 200 strokes and six months in prison also because the girl turned to the public to get international attention for the case. The judges therefor said, that the rape wouldn’t have happened, if the young woman wouldn’t have met with the man alone.

In December 2007 Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah pardoned the girl.

7. 2002 Mukhtara Mai Gang Rape, Pakistan

On 22 June 2002 Mukhtara Mai got overwhelmed by several men in the house of the Mastoi¬ family. They teared off her clothes and four of the fourteen men in the house raped the then 30 year old.

It’s said, that the men had agreed on the rape in a Jirga, an assembly, as a punishment for Mukhtara and her family.

The background: Mukhtara’s brother was suspected and accused by the Mastoi family of committing fornication with a Mastoi woman. Three members of Mastoi family in revenge sodomized and tortured Muhktara’s brother.

The solution: Mukhtara’s brother has to marry the same Mastoi¬ girl he was alleged of being involved in fornication. Furthermore Mukhtara should marry one of the Mastois. But in the last minute, the Mastoi family decided to cancel the plan. To overcome the dispute and see the case as resolved the Mastoi- family wanted Mukhtaran Mai to come to their house in person and apologize for the whole incident.

By the time Mukhtara Mai with his father and maternal uncle arrived for the apology, armed man with a 30-caliber pistol, forcibly took Mukhtaran into a stable where she was gang raped. It is also reported that on the orders of Jirga (traditional assembly of leaders), she was paraded naked in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Mukhtaran indicated her tormentors, but until now only of them is in jail, while all the other ones are free. The now 39 year old is married to a policeman and had written a book about her internationally well known and unique case.

8.Rape and murder of Anene Booysen, South Africa:

Anene Booysen (October 30, 1995 – February 2, 2013) was a 17-year-old girl who was found by a security guard the morning after she had been gang-raped and disemboweled by having her abdomen slit open at a construction site in Bredasdorp, in the Western Cape, South Africa on February 2, 2013; she was still alive, but died later in the day.She managed to identify one of her attackers before her death.Johannes Kana was convicted for the crime, and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.Booysen and Reeva Steenkamp, both young South African women killed in 2013, were named SA Persons of the year 2013 by the Daily Maverick.

Cruel Rape and murder cases:

1.The cruel abduction, torture, rape and murder of Shari Smith and Debra May Helmick,1985, U.S
by a psychopatic monster:

Larry Gene Bell abducted , sexual assaulted and killed Shari Smith. He led the family and police to believe she was still alive. He was infamous for taunting the family of the girls he abducted. A few weeks after Shari's death, Bell abducted, sexual assaulted and killed nine year old, Debra May Helmick.
Larry Gene Bell was an American double murderer in Lexington County, South Carolina, who was electrocuted for the murders of Sharon "Shari" Faye Smith and Debra May Helmick. Bell forced Smith to write a "Last Will and Testament" before he murdered her and taunted her family by telephone.
Bell kidnapped 17-year-old Sharon "Shari" Faye Smith at gunpoint from the end of her driveway on Platt Springs Road on May 31, 1985. Her car was found abandoned at the curb near the mailbox. Her body was found in Saluda County, South Carolina after Bell called the Smith family and gave them directions to her remains. He then kidnapped 11-year-old Debra May Helmick near Old Percival Road in Richland County, South Carolina, killed her, and again called the victim's family to tell them where he had left her body. Bell was also a suspect in two other disappearances: one, in the 1984 disappearance of Sandee Elaine Cornett, who was the girlfriend of one of Bell's coworkers; and the other, Denise Newsom Porch, who was last seen in July 1975 and lived in an apartment complex close to where Bell had lived. Both females vanished in Charlotte, North Carolina and remain classified as missing.
Throughout the largest manhunt in South Carolina history, Bell made eight telephone calls to the Smith family, often speaking with Shari's sister, Dawn. Bell eventually gave exact directions to the locations of both of the bodies and described to the family how he had killed Smith.
On June 27, Bell was arrested after forensics was able to find indentations of an incomplete phone number on the stationery of the letter that was sent to Smith's family. Filling in the missing digits led the FBI to a local elderly couple who had hired Bell for some work and also had him house sit for them while they were away. Further incriminating evidence was found in a search of Bell's apartment.
During his six-hour testimony at his trial, Bell continuously blurted out bizarre comments and carried on nonstop theatrics, rambling continuously and refusing to answer questions. He later made statements indicating that he may have been attempting to fake mental illness in order to receive a more lenient sentence. He claimed to be Jesus Christ until his death.
Bell chose to die by the electric chair instead of lethal injection. Bell was the last prisoner in South Carolina executed by electrocution until James Neil Tucker was executed in 2004 for the double murders of Rosa Lee Dolly Oakley and Shannon Lynn Mello

2. Anja Aichele, Germany, 1987:

This case was very close to me. I often stood with Anja Aichele in the morning or in the evening at the same lonely tram and bus stop and knew her by sight, because the stop where we stood together belonged to my commute. That it did not catch me that day, because I was then like Anja pretty and young, I have to thank only the fact in my view that my husband picked me up right after work to a theater visit. The murder case of Anja Aichele has made me an opponent of the death penalty into a supporter of the death penalty for all sex offenders, sex murderers, gang rapists, serial killers, child molesters and child murderers. It was also the reason for my first self-defense course.
I hope those monsters who killed Anja go to hell.

Friday, March 27, 1987. Anja Aichele spends the evening with a youth group of the Protestant Lutheran congregation in the Stuttgart district of Bad Cannstatt. At ten o'clock in the evening, the 17-year-old student wants to be home again, but her parents wait in vain. What they do not know this evening: Their daughter will not find the way home.

The police, which inform the parents that same evening, but initially starts from a missing person case, even if the colleagues suspect: It could have happened something worse. The following day, the vineyards around the residential area of Muckensturm, the part of Bad Cannstatt where the Aicheles live, are searched by hundreds of police with tracking dogs, as well as the allotment gardens adjoining the vineyards and the footpath leading from the tram stop. Upper Brickyard "leads through the vineyards up to the Muckensturm. Even helicopters with video cameras on board fly over the area.

As there is still no trace of the girl after this intensive search, but on Monday morning a part of their composite pass near the tram stop "Upper Brickyard" is found, the fear that this could be a felony condenses. On the same day, a garden owner noticed that on the neighboring property apparently a bed was newly created - the earth is freshly dug. The officers of the Einsatzhundschaft, who had already searched the area with tracking dogs in vain, begin digging - almost a meter deep, when the fear of certainty. They encounter a lifeless, unclothed body that has several puncture wounds. The search for Anja Aichele is over at this moment. The search for her killer begins.

It is a search that continues today. Even 30 years after the young Stuttgart girl was killed, her death is unpunished. There is no trace of the culprit or the perpetrators.

One day after the body has been found, a rag of Anja's coat is secured on the Schmidener Feld, an open space between Schmiden and Bad Cannstatt. Later you will find there on a stretch of several kilometers distributed more parts of that coat. A witness says that on the night of the murder, just before one o'clock, he saw two men in the Schmidener field. Anja's murderer?

More than 500 alibis from surrounding young people and the neighborhood Anja Aicheles will be checked in the course of the investigation - in vain. At the beginning of April 1987, a walker at the outskirts of Schmiden discovers various scraps of fabric and informs the criminal police. These are actually more cut pieces of Anja clothing. In July 1987, a walker in the same area encounters a cut leather scrape from Anja's shoe. The forensic technicians find out that, in contrast to the previous findings, it was not filed on the night of the murder, but only shortly before finding it.

It was then believed that Anja was resisted against a rape and then was barbarically killed and buried.

3. Shirley Andronowich, 1990, Winnipeg, Canada:

On an early Sunday morning, the mutilated body of Shirley Andronowich is found in a field behind a high school. The 42-year-old threefold mother had been severely beaten, a concrete block had smashed her skull. In addition, the offender had apparently bitten off parts of her body. A cruel crime that gives the police puzzles. Shirley had drank in the pub "Grant Motor Inn" the night before with her husband Ed and two other men. According to testimony, the couple had argued, Ed had then gone home earlier. Meanwhile, his wife had been drinking with the two men and leaving the pub with them. What happened afterwards is unclear.

What happened afterwards is unclear.

The police had Ed first excluded as a suspect, he is charged shortly afterwards for murdering his wife. He admits the murder. But even with this confession, it is difficult for the police to gather meaningful evidence. Help comes from the forensic department: geologist Richard Munroe analyzes the concrete chunk that shattered Shirley's skull. He has the right nose, on a nearby parking lot is a concrete block, from which the broken chunk could come. However, now follows a surprising turn: The police find neither hair nor fabric fibers of Shirley in Ed's car. An added dentist considers it impossible that Ed could cut human flesh with his artificial teeth. The saliva left on Shirley's skin is not from Ed. Although admitted, Ed comes free. And the investigation is stagnating. Only a year later, a call brings the police on the track of Mark Jarman. And right: Everything seems to fit here, Jarman was in the bar that evening, where Shirley drank with the others. His fingerprint fits, his denture has great similarities to the bite marks on Shirley's skin ...

His fingerprint fits, his denture has great similarities to the bite marks on Shirley's skin ...

Change of scene: Two boys fish a human skull out of a river. He lacks the lower jaw and upper teeth. The use of divers remains inconclusive, more body parts are not found. Dr. Beth Murray of the Forensic Department assigns the skull to an adult woman. She says she has never seen such brutally carved human remains before. Hundreds of scratches and notches are found on the skull, no piece remained intact. Also teeth and eyes are missing, an indication that the body should be made unidentifiable. Nevertheless, it is found out that the woman was a white woman. On the regional missing list is also Tina Mott. The 22-year-old mother disappeared two months earlier.
The 22-year-old mother disappeared two months earlier.

Tina Mott lived with Timothy Bradford and their son Corey. The home of Timothy's adoptive parents was only a few blocks away. Behind the house flows the river where the skull was found. It had been Elisabeth Bradford who had reported Tina's disappearance. The woman had not seen Tina for several days and was worried. Because Tina had been reliable, and the grandmother had taken care of her grandson Corey regularly, while the parents went about their work. Now Elizabeth is afraid that Timothy Tina might have done something, she also knows about disagreements between the two. She describes the police her adoptive son as an effervescent, uncontrolled character. He had been a difficult child, difficult to control, he had even worshiped the devil. Her instinct tells her that Timothy must have done something terrible. In Timothy's apartment, the police find traces of blood on the bathroom floor around the tub. In addition, according to a DNA test, the skull belongs to one of Corey's parents. It will be tight for Timothy.

4. Lætitia Perrais, France, 2011:

Lætitia Perrais, born in Nantes on May 4, 1992, is a waitress at the Hotel de Nantes in La Bernerie-en-Retz. She is abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered by Tony Meilhon on the night of January 18-19, 2011.

Laetitia Perrais and her twin sister Jessica are the daughters of Sylvie Larcher, maintenance officer at the Academic Inspection, and Frank Perrais, waiter. The couple separates in 1993 because Frank Perrais strikes and rapes his wife3. He was sentenced on 16 September 1997 by the Assize Court of Loire-Atlantique to five years' imprisonment for rape and attempted rape with a weapon.1 The twins then lived at the home of their mother, who was weakened by years of ill-treatment. hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. Following their mother's hospitalization, they were greeted by their grandmother, then in 1997 Sylvie Larcher applied for educational assistance and on 1 December 1997 the Nantes Children's Court ordered an educational assistance measure in an open environment. benefit of Jessica and Laetitia. In 1998, this measure of AEMO is renewed but at the home of the father, Frank Perrais, because Sylvie Larcher is no longer able to cope.

Home placement

On 23 November 2000, following the school problems encountered by the twins, a temporary placement order was issued, and the twins were taken care of at the Social Assistance for Children (ASE) and placed at the home of Paimbœuf. Parents retain parental authority but lose their custody rights. On January 9, 2001, the twins leave Nantes to be admitted to Providence of Paimboeuf.

In 2005, they choose to move towards a care by a host family and are sent for a trial period at Gilles and Michèle Patron who live in a house in Pornic. On April 15, 2005 their home is established road of the Rogère to Pornic by the judge of the children.

The Patron family welcomes children in foster care. In total, the family welcomed six young people in sustainable investment and 48 in temporary placement. Gilles Patron is also a delegate for host families in the country of Retz. Sportsman, he is also invested as a coach in sports associations of judo, football and gymnastics.

Details of the day of 18 January
In the day of January 18, 2011, Lætitia Perrais leaves her home road from Rogère to Pornic at 10:30 am by scooter to get to work at the Hotel de Nantes at La Bernerie-en-Retz1. At 3 pm during her break, she sees Jonathan, a friend of Machecoul High School, who takes him on a tour in his car. At 4:06 pm when she receives a call from her friend Lydia, she goes to the beach. At 4:28 pm, she calls her friend William and tells him that she has just cheated on her boyfriend Kevin with Jonathan. On the beach she meets Tony Meilhon, who takes her picture with her cellphone and makes her smoke a joint. Tony Meilhon and Laëtitia Perrais then go to the Barbe Blues bar, where Gerald, a friend of Meilhon, pointed out to him the youth of his companion. Laetitia Perrais resumes her service at 6:30 pm Her boss on arriving sees her on the parking lot with Tony Meilhon, Laëtitia moving away from him, seeing her as if she were embarrassed. Steven, who works with her, hears this man tell him that he will pick her up when he gets out of work that night. At 9 pm, Steven leaves his service and returns home on a scooter. He is followed by Tony Meilhon in a white Peugeot 106, which forces him to stop on the side by tightening his scooter, thinking it is Laetitia. Steven tells her that she is still at work. Tony Meilhon recovers Laetitia at the end of his work at 22 hours. They spend some time at the Barbe Blues bar, but Tony Meilhon has a violent fight with a man named Yvan. Tony Meilhon then takes Laëtitia to Key46, a lounge bar. Tony Meilhon then takes Lætitia to Cassepot, a hamlet where his cousin lives while traveling. While the latter refuses to have sex with him, he throws her violently against the wall and then back to his scooter. In the car, Laetitia sends SMS to her best friend and confidant, explaining that she has just been raped. At the Hotel de Nantes, Anthony Deslandes, the son of the owner of Lætitia sees Lætitia around 1 am leaning on the window of the 106, visibly angry she argues with Tony Meilhon. He also sees the white 106 start again at a very high speed after the departure of the Lætitia scooter. According to Yvan Jablonka, ony Meillhon understands at this point that the young woman is at risk of filing a complaint, yet he is a repeat offender and has already been convicted of raping a co-detainee. He is also at this moment on provisional release. Ony Meillhon understands at this point that the young woman is at risk of filing a complaint, yet he is a repeat offender and has already been convicted of sexual violence. So he killed her in a barbaric way.

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