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End the 80/20 Grading System of Windermere High School

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Principal Douglas J. Guthrie decided to make the grading of Summative Assessments (Tests and Projects) 80% of one's grade, Formative Assessments (Classwork and Quizzes) 20% of one's grade, and Practice (Homework) 0% of one's grade. This policy also includes the ability to retake a test as many times as you want one week after it was given, if all your practice is completed. This system has put heavy emphasis on your ability to test and takes away from any work you do in class or at home. 

If students do poorly on one test, their grade drops and becomes almost impossible to bring back up unless they retake the test. Students will find themselves in a constant loop of taking a test, failing, preparing for retakes, falling behind in current studies, finally retaking the test, and failing the next one, starting the loop all over again.

This system of grading isn't just bad for the students, it is poorly designed for the teachers as well. Teachers now have to worry about making a whole new test for students that wish to retake. This is especially notable in higher level classes. Ask any AP teacher and they will tell you, making one AP test is hard, making a second one on the same material is almost impossible.

I feel the best solution to this dilemma is to let teachers decide the weight assigned to each grading category. All classroom environments are personalized situations and each teacher knows what works for them. This current process of grading doesn't promote learning, it instead, increases unneeded stress on both students and teachers.

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