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Provide menstrual products in bathrooms at GLHS

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The plan is simple- relocate the menstrual products already present in the school in the nurse’s office to the girl’s bathrooms. 

By providing pads and tampons in the bathrooms, we are helping erase the stigma against periods. Periods are normal and common and happen to every girl. If you send them to the nurse’s office to get a pad or tampon, you are disrupting her learning. Instead of taking a few minutes to go the bathroom, she has to go all the way to the nurse’s office to get what she needs. At GLHS, that can be a long trek from anywhere not in H Building, and takes away her potential learning time. Periods happen every day and menstrual products are just as necessary as toilet paper and soap- so provide them in bathrooms, which is where they are needed. By keeping the menstrual products in the nurse’s office, you are also treating periods as a medical problem. Periods are normal. They are not a reason to go all the way to the nurse. 

Please support your students by simply relocating the menstrual products that are already in the nurse’s office to the bathrooms.