Concession on fees.

Concession on fees.

1 August 2020
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Dr. Punam Gupta (Career College BHOPAL)
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Started by Career College BHOPAL

To ,                              Date: 1/08/2020
The Principal,

Career college ,Bhopal

Subject: a request for concession in fees

Respected mam,

With due admiration, it is stated that, we are students from your college. The financial condition of our family is not good due to different reasons during this pandemic. As you are seeing the news that many people (Parents) have lost their jobs|many are getting half of there salary. So in such a situation the fee amount is quite higher to expend now.

So it's an request from all of us that kindly do some concessionin our fees. So kindly grant some fee concession (only tuition fee)

Yours obediently

Students from

Career College, BHOPAL

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Signatures: 162Next Goal: 200
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  • Dr. Punam GuptaCareer College BHOPAL