Change Waterfalls High School Headphone Policy

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Tanvir Arafin
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The recent change and enforcement of Waterfalls High school's headphone usage policy in school ground are considered to be contradictory to the founding policy of the school. They didn't care about the good usage of headphones and they only focused on the school's image and the conformity of the students. Headphones are very helpful to trim school noise so it helps the students with psychological issues.

Many of the students find music to be very helpful and relaxing during break times. Students often use Bluetooth headphones to listen to audio books or youtube tutorial which would otherwise disturb other students in places like the library without the headphones.

And by taking it away they simply showing the arrogance and inhuman behavior which makes the school even harder for the students. By signing the petition, I'd like to let the officials, faculty, and staff of Waterfalls High that we believe they should discuss with student bodies before deciding to enforce this rule. It should only be enforced during the class/instructions time when it's actually necessary.

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