without prior notice kids had been removed from class which is very unfair .

without prior notice kids had been removed from class which is very unfair .

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Peoples Voice started this petition to Principal and HOI, Dr S.M. Shaukat Perwez and

Dear HOI
The decision of HOI in the wake of this difficult situation was very naive and unprofessional.

Your action put the students and their parents equally under deep stress and trauma and made the parents run calling the class teacher, HOI not getting any assistance. The whole situation turned out to be passing the buck - the teacher blaming the HM, the HM putting the blame on HOI and ironically the HOI blaming the HB for such a step.

Is it not important to send  us a prior notice or issue a circular like you people did regarding increase of 15%vat, Money is so important to the school that they dont feel its unethical to remove our wards from class and stop them from attending virtual classes?

We do understand there are fee defaulters for a few months or for the month of June 2020, however, this could have been handled more professionally by using the School SMS service and informing all the parents by the start of this week (Sunday, June 28, 2020). This would have given the parents enough time to either pay or approach the authorities requesting for more time if they have any deliberation to pay.

Students are removed from the group in this way the loss of their studies who will pay it back?Because it may be late or no time we parents always pay the fee completely everytime and on time.But will the school managememt give extra time and classes for the students if the fee is paid after 1 month or 2?
Will school management arrange the missed classes if not by what means shall we pay the fee of this missed classes?

Treating the students this way shows the stand of HOI who instead of taking the lead and handling the situation in a more professional manner, put the burden on the teachers to simply remove the children from the Group and not allowing them further educational facility. You did not even empathize knowing the current situation wherein either parents are jobless without salaries, not receiving salaries on time or having reduced salaries.some are forced for unpaid leave ,some employees got terminated, is there any fee concession on humanity basis ?.....in this scenario how parents will pay ? we request the HOI to reduce the fee by 30 % atleast.

Why in spite of several emails, the screen time for kids are not reduced? The students are staying for 6 hours for their class and then by evening, teachers send the notes on whatsapp and students spend another 3 to 4 hours of screen time to complete their notes. After this there is no quality time to study.and many kids r complaining about dryness of eyes,eye pain and headach after attending virtual classes.

Why does the school HOI not be clear with parents or with the plans? We do understand the Pandemic situation causing a lot of changes in the functioning structure; however, the school can be more considerate to the teachers and students by providing breaks after first term.This was also requested in an earlier mail that at least a short break be given to students.

 The school status has been downgraded to B matching the current strength of students and quality of Education compared to other cities of Saudi Arabia and other private schools in Riyadh.we demand to provide quality of education .

School fee payment timings must b changed convinient to parents after office hours and on saturdays fee counters must b open as we have office on fridays too and only get time on saturdays to pay the fee


As parents we expect response on the above and ask the school to be proactive as it is done when it comes to fee collection and expulsion of students from class.

We await a response on this.

IISR parents .

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!