Scrap Vasudha 2020-21

Scrap Vasudha 2020-21

1 June 2020
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Principal AIS Noida
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Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Parents

The Principal

Amity International School

Sector 44, Noida

Sub: Request to scrap Vasudha for 2020-21

Respected Ma'am Hope you, your family and the Amity family are healthy and safe. The last few months have upended the way we live. Covid 19 has not just forced us to reflect on our lifestyles, it has also changed the way we work. From offline to digital, from physical school to online classes, from going out to play to staying at home all the time, our little heroes, our children, have borne this upheaval with a smile. They have accepted that they cannot meet their friends or their teachers, except virtually, maybe for the whole year.

As Covid 19 spreads, it is hitting closer to home. Family, relatives, friends, society neighbours - many of us now personally know someone directly affected/impacted by Covid. With increased stress levels, anxieties hitting us, it is unfair to also have the annual group project work - Vasudha - which involves meeting and discussing. Kids work TOGETHER on the project, guided by parents. The first is impossible now, and the second is an extra burden in already stressful lives. The children are already doing all their other HHW. This project work should be excused for this year.

We hope you will consider our request favourably in the interest of the children.

With regards,

Concerned parents of AIS Noida

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Signatures: 138Next Goal: 200
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  • Principal AIS Noida