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Started by Laura Chickery

Cole Withrow, a high school senior, Eagle Scout, and honors student just weeks away from graduation is facing extreme punishment and a felony charge. It's time to FREE COLE! 

Cole was trying to do the right thing by calling someone to remove the unloaded shotguns out of his truck.  After spending a weekend reportedly skeet shooting, he mistakenly left his guns in his truck. Upon arrival to school, he realized what he had done and wanted to make it right by getting permission to have someone come and take the firearms out of the vehicle.

By doing so, he ended up suspended, kicked out of school, was arrested, and his good reputation is now tarnished. He's being forced to go to an alternative school once he returns to classes. He was trying to do good, which is very unique these days. Please, don't take away the future Cole had.  Two wrongs do not make it right.

Please let Cole return to school and walk with his class at graduation.

Please also drop the charges against Cole. He's not a criminal.

As a graduate of Princeton High School, I'm floored by the amount of support Cole has gotten, not only by the small community of Princeton but by the news outlets, social media and others.  I'm very embarrassed to say that I'm from Princeton right now.

In fact, March of 2011, the assistant principal of Princeton High School was getting her vehicle worked on school grounds when a student noticed a LOADED gun in her glove compartment.  And I quote, "An assistant principal who unknowingly brought a gun to Princeton High School in the glove box of her car was suspended for three days but will not be charged, according to Johnston County Sheriff's officials.  Catherine Bennett, an assistant principal at the Johnston County school, did not realize the handgun was in the car, which she had brought to school to be worked on by the auto mechanics class, said Tammy Amaon, spokeswoman for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office."  (Courtesy of the News and Observer).

Cole needs our help. Please sign and share this petition to make sure this young man's future is not ruined.



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This petition had 85,921 supporters

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