Help the Starving Stray Cats in Petra

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To the Princess Alia Foundation in Jordan, the Jordanian Vet Association, Four Paws Animal Welfare of Jordan and Petra Archeological Park and Cultural Heritage re: starving and sick cats in Petra: I have visited your fascinating archeological site for four days. It is fascinating to see the remains of such a rich history and past, but at the same time it is very disturbing and sad to see the suffering cats that live in Petra. There is a big population of stray CATS and KITTENS that are STARVING and,THIRSTY. There is one cat with two kittens that are about two months old. One of them is scared of people and will run scared when he is offered water and his little brother is COMPLETELY BLIND. If you don't do something about it he is going to have a SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. There is ANOTHER one with an INJURED LEG that can hardly move, and many cats who are skin and bones Please help them!!! There are a lot of cats and kittens crying for food and water and neither the vendors nor the people who work with the donkeys pay any attention to them. I think this is a violation of animal rights and welfare. These cats live in total abandonment and are ignored by the locals who see the cats and dogs thirsty and will not pour any water for them. All the CATS in PETRA look like they ARE IN URGENT NEED OF CARE. They RELY ON only those TOURISTS who scramble to look for containers / receptacles to give them water, and maybe food leftovers. Please TAKE ACTION and provide them BASIC Care. Please do a campaign of stray animal control, and a spray and release program. Sadly, this is the image I take with me from Petra, and I will be sharing this information with everyone who asks me about my experience here. Please, please help these little indefensible animals.