Petition to Reject "Mid County Park & Estate Homes" Proposal to Rezone PWC Rural Crescent

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Mid-County Park & Estate Homes is a Comprehensive Plan Amendment initiation from Classic Concept, LLC for a parcel of 326 acres situated adjacent to Classic Springs Drive, Honeysuckle Road, and Classic Lakes Way.  Classic Concept, LLC requests that the land be rezoned for the development of 118 homes.  In addition the CPA asks for public sewer access using a sewage system that has to travel over two miles crossing the Long Branch Creek which feeds into the Occoquan River.  In return for approval of this CPA the builder offers a proffer of a linear park of 181 acres of land under an RPA (resource protection area).  This proposed development has one entrance/egress via Classic Springs Drive, a small development of 32 homes off of Canova Drive.  The Prince William Board of County Supervisors has rejected this CPA on multiple previous occassions.  In March of 2018 the developer again brought the CPA before the BOCS and at that time they issued a staff directive to the Planning Office for a joint review of:

 Reasons for concern:

     ~Classic Springs Drive would be the primary entrance/egress for this development.  This is a quiet residential street with no sidewalks or streetlights.  A proposed secondary access is by a private gated road off of Classic Lakes Way.  This would be controlled by key access that Classic Springs Drive residents would have to purchase from an HOA. Classic Springs residents will not be part of the HOA community.  None of the residents along Classic Springs were informed when they purchased their homes from Classic Concept, LLC or Ryan Homes that a development of this substantial size was being considered for construction directly behind them. 

     ~Traffic from Mid-County Park and Estate Homes would severly impact Classic Springs Drive, Canova Drive, Meadowgate Drive, and Whitting Drive due to a significant increase in vehicles.  All of this traffic would need onto, and off of, Route 234 through one of the three existing and challenging access points. 

     ~Environment is a concern is so many ways:  water; wildlife; conservation; preservation; property taxes; urban sprawl; and infrastructure.  

     ~Schools:  already the brand new Colgan High School, is set to have trailers for the 2018/2019 school year and the nearby middle school, Benton, is beyond capacity.  Classic Concept, LLC is proffering $2.4 million in cash for schools but where would a new school be built?  

     ~Are the local fire, police and ambulance services able to handle the additional numbers that such a new development would add to their patrol area and would they be able to access this unique development?  

     ~The BOCS has already denied this CPA on multiple occassions.  What about this iteration made it worthy of looking at the Rural Preservation policy that had been on the shelf for 4 years?  There were only minimal changes to the proffers from the developer.  The Rural Preservation Study is not due for a vote until 2019 so why did it need to be rushed because of Mid County Parks and Estates?  

     ~In 2010 the Board of County Supervisors reaffirmed the decision to maintain a part of Prince William County as agricultural or estate land Resolution 10-646  (August 3, 2010).  In March of 2012 the board voted unanimously to deny the initiation of Mid-County Parks & Estate Homes.  We would like the Board to remain resolute and not let this developer, or any other, have a piece of the Rural Crescent for gross and unnecessary residential development. 

Classic Concept, LLC has owned the land since 2003.  It was a speculative purchase that the developer hoped would pay big dividends with a rezoning.  If the county allows Classic to build 118 homes and use public sewer then they will have to approve the request of every developer who asks.  Classic has the right to build.  We ask you to continue to follow the rules of the Rural Crescent and only allow construction of 1 home per 10 acre lot using well and septic.   

If you would like to help prevent developer encroachment and continue the preservation of the Prince William County Rural Crescent, in addition to signing this petition, start here:  

Read the Planning Commission's Release of the Rural Preservation Study on July 27, 2018 at  

Attend a Public Meeting on the Rural Preservation Study: *dates subject to change - please check the web site to verify

  1. September 10, 2018 Colgan High School 
  2. September 17, 2018 Patriot High School 
  3. September 24, 2018 Battlefied High School

Write to each member of the Board of County Supervisors:  tell them you would like to see Prince William County stay a county with green, rural spaces, and lower taxes because growth is limited to an area where public services and facilities can be the most cost effective.    

  1. Corey Stewart, Chairman at Large -
  2. Jeanine M. Lawson, - 
  3. Martin Nohe, -
  4. Pete Candland, Vice Chair -
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Attend the Board of County Supervisors' Public Hearing: Date TBA but expect it to be mid to late November 2018. 

For the latest information on Mid County Park & Estate Homes CPA, dates for upcoming meetings, and a great history of the Rural Crescent go to: 

Prince William Conservation Alliance

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Kim Hosen, Executive Director of Prince William Conservation Alliance,