ACT NOW! Ask BOCS to Reduce more PW Road Gridlock and taxes by fixing Devlin Rezoning!

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The Devlin Rezoning project is packing 516 homes onto lots as small as 7,000 sq. feet along Devlin road.   This affects ALL county taxpayers, even if you live nowhere near the project.  This means YOUR taxes must go up ACROSS the county to make up the needed revenue to support these new homes. Proffers only pay for a fraction of what this will cost to the community in the years to come and they only pay for structures.   Proffers do NOT cover all the other things these new homes will require like: teachers, police, firemen, librarians, and social workers.   Why should YOU have to pay out of your pocket to make the developer rich?  

Traffic density on 66 is sure to increase and make everyone's commute MORE painfully slow.  People should have increased quality of life! Devlin's current rezoning if left unchanged would insure the opposite.  Your taxes will pay for the additional measures to address the 5000 additional car trips per day (every day) that they admit to on their traffic study.  The new homes will be moved into as early as 2022 but road improvements won't begin until 2023. There will be a bottleneck and traffic gridlock which currently exists and will only get worse.


This project will disintegrate green space and increase water run off.  Residents have already voiced problems due to terrible issues with stormwater in this same area.  As trees are torn out to make way for hundreds of homes, more nearby homes will flood causing a hardship to residents.  Wild life will have little place to go.  

Residents begged the developer to decrease density to 250 or fewer homes which would lessen the effect on surrounding roads and schools.  Those requests were ignored.   It would also lesson the effect on our taxpayers who have to pick up the tab for development that doesn’t pay for itself.

Please join us in making your voice heard!  Ask our BOCS to make a motion to reconsider this rezoning at the next meeting and lower the density to 250 homes. The builder can increase the lot sizes which will improve stormwater management.  They can increase home sizes to generate more taxes which will take away the burden on ALL of Prince William County to pay for what the builder leaves behind.  Our roads will be less strained.  Stanley Martin already has plans for larger homes in other developments that they are building.  We can make this a win/win project for our community and our residents.  Ask our supervisors and Chairwoman Ann Wheeler to put aside party politics and show our community they care!  

By signing this petition you are asking them to please make a motion to reconsider at the next BOCS meeting and lower the density for this project!  This is your last chance to get this changed.  If the motion isn't presented at the next BOCS meeting, the project will be built as currently planned negatively impacting EVERYONE in the community for decades to come.    We the undersigned support the board reconsidering the motion to approve Devlin in its current form.