Lack of School's Versatility Towards Announcements

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In my campaign the main issue for this situation that is happening in our campus, is the lack of versatility of passing announcements in our school. We must give more attention to this issue because it plays a significant role to the rights of a student. even though announcements are announced during class hours, students must know the happenings of the school wherever they are. News and announcements must be visible 24/7 for the students.


I specifically chose this issue for my campaign because it ca be connected to our subject "etech". We can use our knowledge and lessons as a grade 11 student to build a solution for this problem in our campus. It is evident that "ICT" can solve the problem of lack in versatility in announcements of our campus, we can easily make a webpage or blog especially made for the school's announcements. Even though it's weekends, students can still know news and updates from the school without physical presence. I would appreciate if you can support my campaign because it will also help the school's reputation, the students's rights, and lastly we can make use of internet in a positive and beneficial way.