July 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Delahna Semwanga

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The citizens need 10,000 signatures to restore limits by July 30th, 2020 to put a question on the November ballot that will restore term limits to Prince George’s County Council.

By signing this petition, you are saying YES you want residents of Prince George’s County to vote on this change in November.

History of term limits in Prince George’s Co. Md:  In 2016, the County Council, with funding from corporate developers and zoning lawyers, succeeded in it's 25 year effort to undermine the two-term limit by getting At-Large seats that sitting Council members can run for. Since 1992, developers and zoning lawyers funded FOUR efforts to repeal or revise term limits, and in 2016 they succeeded.

Cozy relations between the Council and developers have led to years of poor quality development, increased road congestion, overcrowded schools, growing public safety concerns, and failure to fund aging infrastructure - inspiring numerous tax increases. Meanwhile, the County Council has given itself huge pay increases, run the County deep into debt, and approved numerous bills that the public was unaware of or found their concerns totally ignored. 

Recent examples include:

  • Illegally changing Westphalia Town Center to a massive "Amazon" distribution warehouse.Changing Freeway Airport in Bowie to allow almost 1,00 townhomes on a dangerous 2-lane road
  •  Allowing over 350 homes in the Patuxent River floodplain
  • Allowing dozens of homes in the floodplain in Hyattsville 
  • Allowing hundreds of townhomes in the Rural Tier and dozens of other examples
  • CB-48-2020, which would allow the County Council to increase property taxes in any given year up to 10%. Right now the caps set at 5% by law and is closely tied to yearly cost of living adjustments to Social Security pension payments (currently 2%-3%).

The two-term limit brings in critical new blood and new ideas. 

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Signatures: 21Next Goal: 25
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