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For the last year, my partner Brian and I have worked closely with the Prince Edward County Planning and Building departments to bring forward our proposed plan to develop a smokehouse, brewery, small grouping of cabins and an event space under the banner of Land & Bog. It has recently come to our attention that a petition is circulating to oppose the rezoning of our family-owned property at 5738 County Road 1, Consecon, Ontario.

At great cost, we have retained numerous reports to assess considerations and identify potential impacts in support of our application. None of these reports has indicated any cause for concerns, or any issues that should halt our proposed development, and we have taken the various recommendations to heart in implementing procedures and measures to ensure we do not have negative impacts on our land, our neighbours, or our broader community.

Aligned to our commitment to being good citizens of Prince Edward County, we are dedicated to preserving our natural surroundings. We are investing in technologies to minimize our footprint and at a combined price tag of $400,000, our commitment to the environment is visibly demonstrated in the financial decisions we are making to protect the land.  Further efforts to minimize impacts include building a timber-frame barn, low profile cabins and boardwalk-style paths to blend smoothy into the landscape, while the protected waterfront and other natural areas will be left undisturbed, for wildlife and natural species to flourish and thrive.

From an economic perspective, Consecon is an area that has been earmarked by The County for development.  Our proposed vision has been validated by the Planning department as being in alignment with this broader plan for the west side of Prince Edward County.  In a very tangible way, Land & Bog is looking to contribute to economic development by offering the opportunity for 20+ year-round jobs.  While seasonal employment in Prince Edward County is not an issue, year-round positions are not widely available in an area that is populated by tourists only a few months of the year.  For those who live in The County, the opportunity to find local work that doesn’t require travelling great distances into the surrounding larger cities through the often inclement winter weather is extremely valuable, providing families with the means to support themselves while allowing for more time to spend together as a result of the shorter commutes.

Finally, Land & Bog brings a viable part of the solution to the housing issues that are very real and very impactful to those who make their livings, raise their families, and contribute to the amazing Prince Edward County community.  The cabins are targeted to transient travelers…in other words, tourists.  They will offer year-round accommodation for those who are looking to explore and take advantage of the natural landscape, incredible food and drink options, and to partake in the vibrant artisan network.  All this without impacting the already tenuous housing market by further reducing options for long-term renters or those looking to purchase their own homes.

On a personal note, Land & Bog is much more than a revenue stream to us.  We are two hardworking individuals who have come to The County to realize our dreams.  Dreams to build a family-run business that will teach our children valuable life skills.  Dreams to connect to the land in ways that weren’t possible in "the big smoke”.  Dreams to become valued, contributing members of a welcoming and supportive community.  And dreams to give back, through charity work, through becoming employers of choice, and through bringing positive notoriety to the west side of an already amazing and vibrant Prince Edward County.

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us!

Laura MacNeil & Brian Draycott

Owners of Land & Bog, and dreamers