Remove disparity, increase cutoff age for Engg Services to 32, aligned with Civil Services

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Dear Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi,

Sir, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, maximum age limit for ES(Engineering services) is 30, and for CS(Civil Services) it is 32. This disparity, allows the Engineering students, to go after the Civil Services after exhausting their attempts in Engineering Services, putting undue pressure on Civil Service aspirants in the later part of their preparation. If maximum age limit for both the Engg and Civil Services are set to 32, it will do a great help to civil service aspirants coming from the village/town educational system.

Increasing the Maximum age limit for Engineering Services to 32, in align with Civil Services, is a win-win situation for both the service aspirants,

1. Unemployment can be checked for Non-Engg graduates, since Engineers switch to Civil Services after exhausting the available attempts till the age of 30, making it more competitive for Non-Engg graduates. It is well known that well paid Engineering jobs are more and easily available than non-engg jobs.

2. From 2014 onward, when the Civil Services Maximum age limit was increased from 30 to 32, the percentage of engineering graduates have increased in Civil Services. Non-Engg graduates are not well represented in Civil Services after 2014, this due to the education backwardness prevalent in our village/town education system.

3. Both premier exams be in sync as per opportunities, and it is well known that engineering graduates after exhausting the Engg Service attempts, switch to Civil Services and add undue pressure on non-engg graduates in later part of their preparation.

4. Best talented professionals can be recruited in Engineering services with a bigger talent pool with higher age cutoff, since a large fraction of engineers prepare for these exams along with their work commitments.

Have high hopes to act against this disparity.