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Govt. should provide beggers some work, the children with them should b nursed & educated

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Providing some sort of work for the people who are living their life by begging, helps them to earn dignity and security for basic needs like food, clothing & shelter.

Especially we see children with the people who are begging, well heard are some cases, where the children getting theft by the group of beggers for generating sympathy to make money. This makes me sad while seeing little children getting involved in begging. In a country where we think kids are equal to god & where the better future of tommorow lies with them, are having the faded faces with empty stomaches. Every time when I see kids with beggers I feel painful, and wonder whether they had something to eat or not. I've seen toddlers being feeded by a bottle of water where the bottle is supposed to be full with hygiene milk. How pathetic sight it is !!

Personally I feel not to encourage them by giving money but at the same time it makes me sad about their hunger. I never offer money to beggers with kids involved(thinking that, they earning a good amount of money will definitely bring more children into begging) Either I offer food/choose to stay quiet. I only offer money to old people, so that they get some food/clothes they needed to save themselves for any kind of climate. I know my little actions are not going to really helpful for someone to lead their life, so rather than choosing to be quiet, I thought to share my thought here atleast this might bring up some change hopefully. If those kids are provided with some help to build up their lives in a normal way, can definitely give better future for themselves & as well as for the country.

I've witnessed people involved in begging after getting some money, they smoke/weed. Well, it clearly shows that some people do not take begging for livelihood. The other side of the coin here is people who are homeless/jobless/dying out of hunger  choose begging to generate money for living. Some even look like they are almost dying, while having a look at them, what does one can feel other than weepy..

I felt, if government identifies and helps them to create some sort of work, where they can earn for living. Helping them by providing a job/setting up some small business/shops/anything that can be useful to lead their lives.

Providing it as a loan(where minimum/least amount to be payed back) may encourage them with ethical lifestyle like, one should not  tend to be lazy for living.

Govt can also provide them identification cards like Aadhar. Bringing them to normal life will give so much gratitude for whoever so lazy, helps the needy to survive, gives those kids a better future/a life at all.

Merely we are going to increase the potential of the country. When once this happens India will be an epitome for the world. It's obvious we will cross that below poverty line & India will be a developed country.

Atleast apart from above all, we can implement the acient dharma of the land of Unity in Diversity, India. "Service of Humanity is Service to God"

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