More diversity at LGBT nightclub, Heaven

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Heaven and GAY are London's most famous night club. On pride I was kicked out of the club by two security guards who held my arms while none of my friends were kicked out, they claimed I was drunk however if I was drunk their bartender wouldn't serve me drinks but he posed in my pictures and videos and kept serving me. 

I tried standing up for myself on social media but rubbed it off saying I overreacted. However I tried going back in a few weeks later and the owner berated me in front of everyone saying he doesn't like people like me and people like me are the reason why clubs get shut down. 

When I am the only brown one among my group of friends why I do I get pulled out randomly? If I am drunk why do you not give me a breathalyser? I have heard numerous incidents of people being denied entry because of their colour and look by the security at Heaven. 

The turning point is that their sister club (Owned by the same person) GAY and GAY Late always let me in without an issue but why does Heaven restrict me? Why are we being racially profiled at this time when all we want is to have a good time with our friends? Is it really worth to queue for 30+ minutes and then get called out by security and berated by the owner? 

It may sound silly and they may have power but so did Harvey Weinstein and others but I have never made to feel more uncomfortable and unsafe in an LGBT club.There's numerous clubs in London but Heaven has threatened me and insulted me.