Help preventing a kurdish genocide created by the Turkish government.

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Afrin was the only stable and peaceful part of Syria, where many kurdish people have been raised and live. The Turkish state is discriminating, murdering, raping, terrorising, crucifying the civilians of the Syrian Turkish border. Turkey remained silent, whilst directly and indirectly supporting isis. The Turkish state are killing from men to women to children because of their nationality and freedom. Females in afrin are successful, brave and independent for this reason isis captured these women raped them and threw them off a cliff. More brutal things like this are happening and no body is doing anything. The British government continues to offer support to the Turkish state, claiming that turkey has a right to defend its borders. The prime minister Theresa May signed a major arms deal with the Turkish state, despite the evidence of Turkeys use of weapons on civilians, as pointed out by the United Nations. 


• Stop turkeys invasion of afrin

•independent investigation into war crimes in afrin and humanitarian support for civilians in Syria. 

By signing this petition you could potentially save kurdish people from a genocide.