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Government Officials to be Treated in Government Hospitals of Pakistan.

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Eritas News has introduced a petition for the consideration of the Government of Pakistan. Our petition is as follows: Government officials should get medical treatment in the government hospitals of Pakistan. Our politicians usually go to the United Kingdom for treatments such as “open heart surgeries”. They usually go for treatment when they are summoned to the court (which is a big coincidence). Our petition will make sure that government officials are treated in government hospitals. Then we will see if the conditions of the treatment centers in Pakistan are improved or not.

The government has allocated nearly Rs. 50 Billion for healthcare, yet we do not see any improvement. Electricity is out, hospitals are dirty and there is no gas. Furthermore, there are hygiene issues in the hospital as well. We are the only country where patients become sicker after getting treatment. Unless you become the finance minister of Pakistan and embezzle all the money you need, private hospitals are out of the reach of the middle class.

Our former Prime Minister goes to the UK for treatment, his wife goes to the UK for treatment, their children live in the UK and get free treatment. Yet they claim that the country is improving. If it has improved, then please have the courage to get medical treatment in Pakistan. is a satire website that looks at the current issues of Pakistan in a satirical way. The problem is that we could not take this issue lightly and you shouldn’t as well. We know this would never become the law in Pakistan but we have to start somewhere.

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