Suspend Online Classes or Refund Our Money

Suspend Online Classes or Refund Our Money

1 April 2020
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Prime Minster Office Islamabad (Prime Minister's Office) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Student Hub

Having considered the COVID-19 Outbreak, HEC and Universities decided to conduct online classes, without considering the fact that Universities do not have that system and training to conduct these classes effectively.

A huge proportion of population of Pakistan belongs to middle and lower-middle class. Most of them lost their jobs due to lock-down, inflation and decline of economy. A poor father somehow manages to pay more than a Lac per semester, so that his child could get quality education, all amenities, labs, library and interaction with the teacher. If studying online was the objective to pay more than a Lac per semester, then Virtual University would've been a far better choice.

Due to Ramzan, there will be more inflation and buying power of people is decreasing day-by-day. Moreover, there are Server issues due to so many connections, Internet-slowdown issues, Load-Shedding, Lack of availability of Internet and Signals in Remote Areas, Many Students cannot even afford a Laptop or smart phone, Extra resources are being spent on Mobile-Internet-packages. Shops and Stores are also closed at 5:00 pm. No one knows who is suffering from Corona Virus. In these circumstances bombarding youth with assignment, quizzes and classes is inhuman and of no use. Lagging Behind in quizzes, assignments and Grades due to above mentioned problems, would lead to depression and thus society will be exposed to risk of suicides. [God Forbid]

Therefore, it is demanded to Suspend Online Classes with immediate effect and Refund the money back to Parents, so that they can buy food and necessities. Otherwise make a proper online system, that could release the burden from students, would be a better, interactive, easily accessible, understandable system AND Refund / Adjust the Fees proportionate to the lack of Quality, Standards and all other facilities that students paid for.

We humbly request:

  1.  Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan,
  2.  Honorable President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi
  3.  Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed,
  4.  Officials of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

to take Serious Notice of the issues of the Middle & Lower-Middle Class and Students who are going to be the Future Leaders, Economists, Doctors, Engineers, Analysts, Lawyers etc. 

"Experimentation with the Future and Career of Students would be Vulnerable" 

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Signatures: 4,522Next Goal: 5,000
Support now