Ban on Padmavati and Onslaught on India's Conscience

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More than narrative, More than facts, history and it’s inspirational characters are attached to people’s emotions and society’s conscience. Some characters from history, may or may not be real. Jesus or Muhammad may or may not be real but they inspire humans to live a better and meaningful life. They tell humans to think beyond self-interest and live a life for a better cause.

Sanjay Lila Bhansali and his Bollywood gang has time and now have portrayed Hindu community and its historical figures in a bad light by distorting the facts and earn some money.

Can we show Nirbhaya’s rapists fantasizing her and can we expect society to legitimise and accept? The same is happening with Rani Padmavati, which may happen with Nirbhaya after hundred years. Those who consider Nirbhaya as a hero, will they accept it?

With this petition, we India loving people appeal Prime Minister of India, Ministry of culture and Film Board to not let our sentiments get hurt. We want a ban on Padmavati movie.