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Get BJP MLC resigantion and ban from politics

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Mr Prashant Paricharak the MLC who is backed by the BJP was addressing a rally ahead of the civic body polls when he said, "A soldier gets a telegram from his wife that she has delivered a baby.... but he has not visited his home for a whole year. This is the level of politics we have stooped to".

He later apologised for the remark and said it was aimed at highlighting the "credit-seeking" mindset of his political opponents.

This remark is not only derogatory and insulting to the defence fraternity and our ladies and but also makes fun of the sacrifices of these ladies. The armed forces may not be a "bankable vote bank" but they do know how to respect their womenfolk unlike such lunatics who stoop to any level to gain votes.The comment is not only disgraceful, disgusting and perturbing but totally and highly unacceptable and uncalled for.


We the defence fratenrnity  demand that the BJP  and GOI take strict action against Paricharak to set an example by 

1. Seeking his resignation.

2.Black list him and do not allow him to take part in any elections for next 10 yrs

3. File a case against him for defamation of the defence freternity and their familes.

4. He be made to deposit a sum of Rs 10 cr in the Army Welfare fund.


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