Do not change the names of Andamans & its Islands

Do not change the names of Andamans & its Islands

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k gaglani started this petition to PRIME MINISTERS OFFICE


Want to change something? 

Give us islands we are proud to show off to tourists. Help make this the maldives or bahamas or fiji or caribbean of india so that they are written and spoken about with awe everywhere in the world.

Empower our local population by giving them better education, helping the institutions that already exist.

Give us a fair GST regime and not the ridiculous 28% and burden that has been on hotels that are doing their best in this difficult place! How can providing for tourism and creating a destination come under ‘luxury’! Should citizens of this country be penalised for taking holidays and creating employment for so many countrymen on these islands? 

Give us better infrastructure, give us proper connectivity and not only till where the government guesthouse is, give us proper telephone network, give us Cargo ships for safe cargo movement so that precious cargo to provide for our travellers doesn’t travel by open sea in those poor fishermans’ boats.

Give each island it’s own waste processing unit so that there is no plastic waste dumped on these pristine beaches, give us a composter that all our green waste can be composted in so that we leave zero footprint on these delicate islands.

Give us support and give us credit for developing these islands inspite of the horrible weather and challenges we face on an every day basis.

Give us a helicopter that works, is available to book and provides for tourists and not for spoilt government ‘servants’. Where seats are available days beforehand to plan travel and not left at the mercy of the booking officer.
Give us back the seaplanes you took away so that our tourists can travel in style and comfort and we can compete with the best in the world.

Give us leaders that aren’t merely providing lip service but actually have the vision to make this a destination at par with the best in the world.
Give us smooth and fair standards to abide by, not adhoc rules created overnight that hassle tourists and businesses.

Give us an administration that doesn’t create panic unnecessarily, forcing hapless tourists to evacuate an island and to stand in line for 3 hours to try getting a boat ticket, only to get horribly seasick and have nowhere to stay on arrival in Port Blair because hotels are full and flights aren’t taking off.
Give us an administration that cares and is empathetic and will provide for all it’s people- locals, tourists and businesses, not spineless creatures who are only protecting their own backsides.

Give us islands that stay as beautiful as they are and discourage mass destruction of tree cover. Help people and businesses by making them understand, not by forcing rules down their throat while their palms are being greased not to look.
Look at your precious swaraj dweep now and look at it 3 years ago- it’s a shame!

You cannot erase or rewrite history by changing a name.
But you can leave your mark on history by making these islands self sufficient and unique and an ideal model for other countries.
We urge you to do that!

Changing the name will inconvenience tourists!! Foreigners will barely be able to pronounce these names. Worldwide, people will never be able to remember these names and these important tourist destinations will be forgotten. 




0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!