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One Europe United by diversity: One President, One Prime Minister, One real European Government with real power to command, rule and develop, elected by all Europeans, by all of us.

It's time to build ONE EUROPE away from the hesitations of Brussels bureaucracy, it's time for us all Europeans to glue together and elect a European President and a European Prime Minister that honours the founding fathers and give birth finally to ONE EUROPE UNITED IN OUR DIVERSITY.

Europe is living difficult times. Our values are being bombarded externally and internally by the lack of respect for our culture, way of living, our past and present and our contribution to the world.

Europe has always been in the vanguard, however, despotic leaders from other regions of the world are now despising us and go hand in hand with shameful European politicians, paid by our taxes, spreading racism and hate. Due to them the dark cloud of contempt in Europe is slowly making its way back again.

In Europe, we are diverse and that is the way it should be. We are proud of being Europeans, proud of our history and values. We can’t say it louder and clearer.

The present EU structure has proven to be expensive, inefficient, slow and arrogant. The EU parliament and the council do not represent us any longer.

The pope in his speech to the European parliament addressed the past 25th of November 2014 gave a clear image of what Europe has come:

“Europe is now a “grandmother”, no longer fertile and vibrant.  As a result, the great ideas, which once inspired Europe, seem to have lost their attraction, only to be replaced by the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions”.  

Members of the EU parliament have clapped their hands at the Pope speech but nothing else has happened, as usual. The European machinery is a old huge elephant difficult to move. It is not what we need.

There is so much creative potential in Europe, but we need a change in our governance bodies. We need decisions, action, an efficient structure that can stop the endless sterile discussions and procedures in place today by the member countries that look only at their belly. We need a real, pragmatic and powerful European government that represents us all, that respects Europe and Europeans. It is time to have an elected President by all the Europeans together with an elected Prime Minister that manages the resources of Europe and keeps away the corrupt interference of the member states. Some issues need to be dealt locally, true, but Europe can no longer be in the hands of a perverse Game of Thrones.
Please join me in raising our European dignity and values and make a change that will honour all of us and the spirit of the founding fathers, making our politicians know that: we want ONE EUROPE UNITED IN OUR DIVERSITY.


Please sign and spread the message to all proud Europeans you have around you.

António Verdasca-Cardoso - Barcelona - Europe

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