Admit Luxembourg resident & foreign qualified nurses and doctors to practice in Luxembourg

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Let foreign qualified nurses and doctors work in Luxembourg

Prime Minister Bettel has recently announced that 70% of Luxembourg medical staff are frontaliers. While their work is of course commendable, we may not forget that in today’s world we need to have a sufficient number of medical professionals living on the national territory.

If for nothing else, then to prepare for - even if unlikely - border closures by our neighbors or medical staff getting sick with covid-19 themselves.

It is likely that soon we are going to experience a dramatic shortage of nurses and doctors, especially ICU qualified.

At the same time, Luxembourg has many foreign qualified nurses and doctors with specialist experience, often including intensive care qualifications.

Those medical professionals would very much like to return to working in their profession but there are various barriers preventing that. For example, for non-EU nationals, their qualifications will not be automatically recognized.  In order for their qualifications to be recognized in Luxembourg, they need to complete the “DEMANDE D’AUTORISATION D’EXERCER UNE PROFESSION DE SANTE” which includes a requirement to demonstrate a sufficiently high level of French or German.

In view of the exceptional circumstances, and the fact that a large part of the Luxembourg population is English speaking (as the first, second, third or seventh language), the French or German language requirement should be lifted.

People who can demonstrate fluency in English should be admitted to work and it should be up to the hospitals to distribute staff amongst patients according to their language needs.

We need to urgently fill this critical need. It is a matter of national security.