Why so arbitrary Cancellation Charges for Flight journeys

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A number of citizens of medium to low profile have started travelling in Air, to avoid time lags in reaching their parents in exigencies.  many of the All India Service officers /Central Services officers are posted far off from their homes, i.e. people from Kerala/T Nadu are posted in HP or J&K.  Due to exigencies they book tickets and due to non availability of leave they will be required to cancel their tickets.  Similarly common people are also required to cancel their tickets due to exigencies.  But, the Air Lines People (all) charge exorbitantly heavy cancellation charges.

Many times, the software developed by the Air  Lines, take default flights, and if they have to change even the timings, the cancellation charges of Rs 2200 is charged.  Several times i paid ticket Charges of Rs 1200 for journeys from Delhi to Chandigarh, but, if I am required to cancel my tickets, I get not even a single rupee in refund. (Rs 1200-Rs 2200=Rs-1000 or Zero refund)  The cancellation charges should always be a percent of the fares paid and also the time when the tickets are cancelled certain days/hours ahead of scheduled timings.

If the airlines people cancel the tickets on one pretext or other, we are not given any compensation.  At that moment if we have to book a ticket, at that last moment we have to shell out 2 to 3 times more of normal charges. 

For, example if one purchases a ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad at a cost of Rs 5000/-, and when he cancels the ticket a day short of journey, Airlines gain Rs 2200 as cancellation charges, and if the same ticket is sold to someone at the last moment by the Airlines, they get a ticket charge as Rs 10000/-.  Thus the Airlines fellow gets a price of Rs 12200 in lieu of the cancelled ticket of Rs 5000/-.  Then how the Airlines fellows are at loss, and where is the justice to charge such huge cancellation charges.

The cancellation charges even if levied as 20%, the airlines will get at least Rs. 300 to Rs 1200/-, as everything is done on line, this is a huge amount to make up the software expenses.

We take it to the notice of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, for favorable consideration, that if the tickets are cancelled one day ahead of scheduled journey, the penalty should be made either 20% or Rs 500 whichever is higher.

Due to this uncertainty, many people avoid travelling in flights, resultant leading the airlines to operate without full occupancy, thus further leading to losses, which has become a vicious cycle.  A day is not far off when the Hon’ble Courts intervene into the matter to slash these cancellation charges.  Why to wait for that day, when we have a Honest prime Minister, who has lot of sympathy for poor people and middle category of citizens of this country.