Why should Tony Blair get away with forced adoption scandals as well as war crimes

Why should Tony Blair get away with forced adoption scandals as well as war crimes

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Started by michele simmons

Tony Blair aka Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is responsible for much more besides war crimes also from the not too distant historical past. 


From 2000 when it was announced to 2008 that national adoption targets are to be scrapped, this did not happen until babies were first forcibly and forcibly alleged adopted from been targeted for adoption bonuses.


How could parents who only requested some temporary help and support  be told they were unfit parents to their baby, yet not for the other 75% of their other 3 children once it had been decided to remove siblings baby brother or sister away from them. 

Case's are been restricted and gagged instead of receiving both written and public apologies which the children affected deserve too. In fact there appears to be no jurisdiction to investigate so where exactly can they turn to for getting injustices rectified. Why are Family Court Cases continuing to falsely allow diagnosis of parents then Judge's insisting on a diagnosis on the spot in said Court where there wasn't one before yet said children are returning home to suffer with mh problems retraumatising families for a second times with it engineered yet again to potentially go wrong. 

This is what the Telegraph stated 20 January 2008...

'The number of newborn babies removed from their parents has almost doubled from 540 in 1995 to 1,400 in 2005/6. Yet the policy has failed to reduce the number of infants murdered, which rose in the same period from 17 to 24.' 

I would now like all these children who the parents love, but see us as strangers because of the damage and emotional harm stopping face to face contact has caused, to have it publicly explained why the parents who sought help had it used against them and why these parents who were called unfit parents got to still keep the majority of their siblings home where this happened which makes completely no sense when it would have cost less to keep them home with their families with the correct and genuine support. 

I would like it publicly recognised and addressed that not all children claimed to be adopted really are adopted and to ask why the parents and their children where this has happened has not been sought and told where any parents maintained parental responsibility and why we should not see it as kidnap. 

I'm pushing for change for parents to now be given copies of these alleged adoption Orders and said Certificates. 

I demand for Tony Blair former MP to be completely transparent and answer all that. 

Just one mother of many from England in the UK whose child was used just as her family were to gain an adoption bonus which triumphed over my love for my child when I had and love my four children. 

Tony Blair is largely responsible and answers as explanations are needed now our children are older. Don't you think it's time Tony Blair. Allow us the help and support to heal. 





163 have signed. Let’s get to 200!